Trust the process of growth and change


Hello my beautiful people! This whole two months has been the craziest so far this year.  I say this all the time. But, it is really crazy. 

This month is all about change and growth. 

I experience a change at my workplace, did my last theoretical papers in my Masters degree, went for a sensitivity camp, launched my business website ( while working my ass off for an upcoming wellness workshop. 

These changes are great. The after effects are really amazing. You how they say change starts when you're out of your comfort zone. 
But before change happen, the anticipation of the unknown is what terrifies us all. 

However, the only constant in life, is change

I want to share with you about the process of me experiencing change. 
I use to reject change as much as I can. I don't know about you, I feel as though change is CONSTANTLY HAPPENING every. single. month.  *phew* 
As I am transitioning into my late 20s, I realise this happening more often than ever. 

Since change is inevitable, accepting it, understanding it and embracing it is the only way to reduce our stress level. 


Trust your gut feeling. I believe very much that we can only contribute this much of the result of who we are today by hustling, the rest of it happens for a reason. Rather than stressing out on the possibilities of change, I learned to hustle while trusting universe's plan for me. 

It doesn't mean you take no responsibilities on your journey. Instead, I go full force to pursue my dreams and  TRUST the process of change, because when we resist change, we will not grow. 

I hope everyone is doing well in life so far. Just fyi, MINC.CARE website is mainly focusing on self-care content, whereas this platform is more personal (more like a behind the scenes of MINC)

If you're reading till this far, thank you. I am forever thankful for you!

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