6 things I've learned in Butterfly Project 6th Birthday Bash


Earlier in April, I attended an event hosted by the Butterfly Project community to celebrate their 6th birthday bash! I am so grateful that I finally prioritize to attend this event because it always clashes with my workday (sigh working on weekends problem). I've gained so much during the event! Rather than telling you what I did during the event, I'll share what I've learned from the event to give you a glimpse of how lucky I feel to be in this event. 

Butterfly Project 6th Birthday Bash 
Date - 27 April 2019

1. Online connection still cannot beat 
real life connection with people 
One of my biggest takeaway from event is that I'm able to connect with these amazing people! I've known them online for the longest time but meeting them in real life, face-to-face just couldn't beat the online aura they send out. I love every single one of them! The aura they carry from online to offline can be felt instantly. 

Still, I wouldn't discredit how the internet has eventually connected us together. The fact we are all gathered on the birthday bash celebrating the community's 6th birthday shows we could use the internet connection for good.

(Also, I wouldn't deny the fact that I had a moment of overflowing excitement when people know me by name during the event. I thought I was a potato. LOL.)

2. You can be a selfless boss babe 
This, is for the founder of the community - Tammy, our mamasan. I was truly inspired by the work she put in when building such a close knitted community. After the event, I followed her even more closely (not in a creepy way ok). I was inspired by her creativity and dedication in hosting events after events, and the way she pitch her projects to brands and big company. 
p/s: I can't wait to share with you a huge collaboration that we'll be hosting very soon! 

3. A little bit of humour 
might just be what you need to lift your day up 
Before the event, I was drained. I was drained because 1) I did not sleep well, 2) I had a long day at work, 3) Malaysia traffic. Already late, I dashed into the space with my mind all over the place. However, when Joanne Kam Poh Poh did her opening act, my worries instantly got shoved away. It made me realize this, we will always be stressed out, we will always worry. It's a matter of how long are we holding on tho those stressor and how are we willing to let it go once in a while. 

4. We can expand our knowledge anywhere,
 as long as we open our heart and mind to it 

It makes my heart warm when I know there are so many sponsors behind this event! Having the support from these brands definitely made this event so much more interesting! Guess what, I learned so much about the brand and the knowledge behind them as well! 

It really says a lot about our growth mindset. In the midst of this fast paced world, there is always more we can learn. Even though this is a beauty blogger event, I got to learn how these amazing entrepreneurs/creative run their businesses and host events! Here's a few of the things I learned from the sponsors: 
1. T-STICKS Malaysia
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tsticksmy/
Probably the most innovative way to drink your tea! No mess, No drip, No spoon needed! It's so amazing to see how our lifestyle is slowly innovating according to people's creativity! I tried the Fruit Tea one, and it is so refreshing to sip on!

I did this flower crown! But truth be told, it was difficult af, not as easy as it looks! I am giving more respect to florist and their skills. You all know how flowers can make me happy. With such a bad start of day, these flowers certain brought a smile to my face. Thank you Emi for teaching the workshop!

3. The Blossom Balloons
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theblossomballoons/
This is probably the most chio balloons I've ever seen! It has a combination of two of my favorite things that makes my heart flutters: transparent balloons + baby breath/dried flowers. I definitely can tell how much effort they've put in for the decoration and table layout. It makes me feel like I've walked into a different vibe (I actually wasn't fully aware I was in a concrete building because I felt like I'm in a brand new world)

So grateful to have Yves Rocher celebrating the same birthday month with the Butterfly community! It was also their 60th birthday so this collaboration was meant to be! I learned so much about their mission to provide botanical products in affordable prices. I also really love how they are making an effort in reducing waste and improve sustainability by innovating their packaging designs! I even bought their moisturizer after trying out the welcome gifts they provided during the event.


5. We can be proactive in achieving what we want 
If you don't ask, you will definitely not get what you want. 

During this event, I started off by taking my first step in saying hi even when I'm nervous af inside (those negative self-talk like "omg am I going to say the right thing" or "omg will I embarrass myself" keeps bugging me). When I first say hi or initiated a conversation, it made it so much easier to talk to the next person, and then the next, and then the next. At the end of the event, I got to connect with some amazing people and soon collaborate with a few more! *can't contain this excitement* So, ask! The worst is you won't get offered what you want, but that's eventually what will happen if you don't ask anyway! 

6. Colorful food & good conversation is the way to my heart 
Now, this may sound silly. But can we just take a moment to appreciate how Lydia from Jom Party, another sponsor for the catering service, did the whole food station? I was eyeing this the moment I step into the venue. I never knew simply by adding (natural) colors in to my meals, I am able to eat more, and more healthily even! While I was lining up getting my food, I started talking to a couple more new people (the first question is usually, do you want this? *pointing at the colorful pastries*) Then, the conversation starts! No matter how busy I am, this event reminded me of how I missed attending events like this to connect with all the beautiful souls! 

Before I end this post, I just want to take this opportunity to thank Tammy once again for your persistence in gathering all local beauty bloggers together and keeping the Butterfly community together. I am looking forward to more gatherings like this. Also, I am utterly grateful for all the sponsors for making this gathering a magical one! 

Last but not least, I am grateful that I started the blogging journey and I truly hope for the best for others we are striving in the blogging world to continue doing what creatively inspire you! :) 

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