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One of the most frequently asked questions I get: 
especially when I'm also doing my part-time masters program (i love it but ugh as well) 

To be honest, I don't have a magic solution that could make all things work out, but I do have a system that I rely on to maintain the homeostasis lol, and to make sure I don't go haywire. 

1. Set a system for yourself 
I think this is pretty basic, we all know that we need a planner (be it physically or digitally) to keep ourselves organized. However, have you find yourself jotting down all the to-dos and schedule yet, still not keeping up? A lot of us KNOW this but we don't do it optimally (myself included). 
I took a productivity course on Skillshare which has help me tremendously in optimizing my to-doist app, Google Calendar and physical planner 

Another huge tip on this is to set a review day. What you do with a review day is to review the previous week (e.g.: carry forward events, what was working well and what you need to catch up on). This allows you to have a birds-eye view of the following week too. I personally set a 30 minutes on a Monday to do this review :) 

2. Instead, multi-task in efficient ways 
For the longest time, I thought being able to juggle work-life balance is to be good at multitask. Boy am I wrong. The key to having it all 'well-balanced' is to be good at FOCUSING. 

I now use the Pomodoro method as discussed before (e.g.: setting 20 minutes to start off a task) in order to make myself go into deep work mode. Of course, some good lofi music helps too! (my current favorite is this one)
I got to understand more about the effect of multitasking through the illustration below: 

credits to donebeforebrekky

When you multi-task, you often spend a great amount of effort when changing from one task to another. This costs more effort when picking up the previous task/next task when we interchange between task. Overtime, the amount of tasks that's effectively is decreased, which is known as being busy, not productive and effective. 

Also, I'm currently looking more into the Pomodoro Method and Task Batching to learn how to be more effective with my daily tasks.


Also read about Batch Tasking 

3. Ditch the perfectionist in you 
 The idea of having everything perfectly in line is just bullshit (sorry for the lack of vocab but really). A lot of people think work-life balance means having it all together and it's sunshine and rainbows all the time. 

Here's what balance looks like to me: 
Pulling an all-nighter for an assignment due, double booking my appointments, having heated arguments with Joe and feeling guilty of not having enough family time. 

Knowing that I can have it all, not all at once, but I can have it all. 

 For example, next week is my finals (yiaks) so I know that I will be investing most of my energy on my studies instead. There's always a place and time for different focuses so know that it is ok for fall back sometimes. 
This shift of mindset had helped me tremendously in combatting that evil critical self-talk that's so detrimental to my mental well-being. Please practice self-care in this journey too to avoid burnout.(follow me through the 30 days habit challenge!)

Are you struggling in maintaining work-life balance? What do to do to keep yourself in place when things get out of control? Let me know!

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