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Your life today is essentially the sum of your habits. - Atomic Habits

Another habits post because I've got lots of questions from you guys regarding my journalling process. If you didn't know about my #30dayshabitchallenge, head over to my Instagram to follow through the journey! 

Before I break down the journalling journey, I'll share with you some of my tips when planning my habit building journey. I've also included the worksheet that I made to help your make planning process easier. So here we go!

1. Identify the habit 
DUH. But really, in details. Not "I want to be healthy" but instead, "I want to workout twice a week". Be specific and ONLY CHOOSE ONE HABIT at a time! Don't ever underestimate how a small habit can transform your life! 

2. Think and feel like you've achieved your goal
Try and feel as if you've already have the habit of working out twice a week, how would you feel? Powerful, healthy and strong. Try envisioning yourself in that state and savour it until it feels true to you! Law of attraction guys *wink*


3. Make a plan 
Download my worksheet HERE to help you with the process! Remember, make sure you are at least 70% confident with your plan, or else, amend it! 

4. Get ready for the setbacks 
In the worksheet, I've also included a column for you to plan for your setbacks. For example, that week was your exam week and you really got no time to hit the gym? Alternative: Do planks at home for 1min x 5 sets. Planning your setbacks allow you to feel more confident in getting back on track later on! 

5. Reach out (find your support system) 
For the longest time, I was so afraid to share my thoughts or goals to others thinking "What if I fail? I'll be such a joke." But when I took the leap to post it on my Instagram, I'm so amazed with how many people are supportive towards my journey and even Joe (a.k.a. the boyfriend) is constantly checking in with me on my journey. So find your own support system to keep you accountable in your habit building journey. 

6. Review 
Look back and evaluate how did the process go. What went well? What did not? Would you continue practicing this habit or you would do it differently? I'll do this together with you on my 30th day of the #30dayshabitchallenge. Can't wait! 

If you want to download the full worksheet, click here

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Love ya'll. 

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