So you think our relationship is perfect? | Things we learned from our biggest argument.


It's been a pretty tough few weeks for us.  We... well... mostly me, I was triggered over and over again by an unresolved incident that had happened six month ago. Now, let me fill you in a little bit:

6 months ago, Joe broke a news to me, I didn't take it very well, we argued. 
We thought we were over it, but turns out nope. On and off, it went on for the next 6 months.

In today's post, I want to write about the things that we've learned from this downhill of our relationship. Yes, you heard me right, WE. Joe is going to write his bits too! Please send him some love, this is probably his first time writing a blog (he told me it's like writing essay lol). So proud of him! I thought having both of our thoughts would give you a better perspective rather than a one-sided thought.

I realize both of us felt very very similar when we are in argument, and I'm glad we learned similar things from this experience. Love is weird, but it's worth it at the end of the day, be it an argument, a break-up or milestones that we are achieving together.

After all, we are all human that long for that connection,
with others and within ourselves.

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you feel loved whether or not you have a romantic partner, because if you are reading this, I love you!

p/s: I know you're reading Joe, just want to say thank you for doing this with me! you the best.

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