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Hey loves! I'm finally writing on a styling post! A while ago, I went to this bundle/thrift shop located in Ampang called Family Bundle when Nadia (@inner.maverick), one of my favorite online people called for a thrift hangout on her Instagram. It was definitely one of my favorite place to thrift because it is air-conditioned and the place is HUGE. I got to pick more 13 pieces with just RM83! SUCH A STEAL. Here's me putting together a few of my favorite pieces and had my good friend Ally photographed me.

I usually buy stuff that are more affordable so most of the items doesn't have brand. Either I got them from Bangkok or thrifted besides my sneakers. So, you don't need to be expensive to play with styles!

Styled by: Minnie & Ally

Photographed by: Ally

Look 1

I love pairing a good oversized jacket with some feminine and sexy item inside. Hence, this is probably my favorite look! Also, you can always upgrade a look by getting a pair of white jeans!

Outerwear - Family Bundle 
Jeans - Bangkok 
Bralette - Bangkok 
Fanny Pack - Bangkok 
Sneakers - Converse  

Look 2

This look is definitely something that's out of my comfort zone. The top has a different sheen to it, the vest adds some layers to it and the pants are so lightweight and easy to style! All thrifted *score*! 

Long sleeved top - Family Bundle 
Pants - Family Bundle 

Vest - Family Bundle 
Hat - Forever 21 

Sneakers - Nike 
Clutch - Vavoom

Look 3

The key to this outfit is definitely the pink jacket. My favorite thing to thrift are jackets/outerwear. I love how unique each piece can be! Also, this outfit is mainly styled by Ally, with a bit of help from the boyfriend. Well, what d'you think?

Wind breaker - Family Bundle 

Crop top - Bangkok 
Jeans - Factorie 
Bucket Hat - Factorie 
Shades - Bangkok 
Bandana - Bangkok 
Boots - Palladium 

I had so much fun thrifting! Some quick tips when you go thrifting (I'll do an elaborated one once I've master the thrifting skills :P)

  1. Wear something light weight like a sleeveless top and shorts because you may/may not have a changing room. This way you can speed up your 'trying on' time. 
  2.  Be open minded. Chances are, you'll find unique stuff that has never crossed your mind. 
  3.  Estimate at least 2 hours to shop! You'll need to be patient in finding the right stuff. I always need some buffer time before warming up, going in full force! 
  4. Bring water, snacks and tissue (oh, and your own recycle bag). It could get dusty sometimes so I sneeze a lot there. So make sure you are well-fed so you don't get hangry when shopping! 

Last but not least, do you thrift? If so, where?

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