How to set new year's resolutions that REALLY work? (2019 version)


Happy new year everyone! Still can't believe the year has flew by within a blink. I was going to write about how my 2018 went but I'll save that for another time. If you haven't catch up on the previous post, do so! Today's post is a continuation of the previous one.

I'm going to share a few tips on setting achievable resolutions. I've seen three types of people when it comes to setting new year's resolution:
1. The "I don't believe in making new year's resolution" type
2. The "I love setting new year's resolution but I never achieve them" type
3. The "I set them and achieve them" type

Today, we are focusing on how to become the third type. I've been doing this since 4 months ago and so far it's been working very well!

1. Knowing the bigger picture & reflecting on the previous goals 
Read my previous post here and you'll get a better idea of what I'm talking about. I can't emphasize enough on how important this is. To know where you are heading towards, and to know what's next is a form of motivation to keep you going.

2. Setting the goal 
You've probably heard this a million times, but it's important. Set goals that are measurable. How do you define your success? Say in 2019, you want to read more. What does 'more' means? Make sure you really define what does more and less means. For example, reading one book every month so that I can read 12 books at the end of the year. Also, always define your goals. For instant, if you want to be happier, then define what 'happy' means to you. More money? More opportunities? More family/friends time? By doing so, you are able to 'create' the happiness because they are measurable and achievable.

3. Visualize it
This brings me to this exercise: visualizing. You can do it in different ways: drawing it out, writing it on a paper or just saying it out loud. Don't keep your goals in your head. There's something about putting your goals out there, it's kind of like, making the goal exist. It sounds weird but trust me, it does make a difference. After doing so, put it somewhere that you can constantly refer back. For me, I make it a point in the beginning of the month to go through my list, so I can remind myself (because I'm a human Dory) what are my goals and reprioritizing my energy and time. This also ties in with the concept of "law of attraction", the more you believe your goals are real, they will become real.

So let's do this exercise together: draw/write down how would you feel and be like on 31st December 2019?

a) What will you be doing? 
b) How are you feeling?
c) What are you wearing? 

*be as detailed as you can be!*

4. Creating a system
Writing your goals are NOT ENOUGH. This is probably the most crucial part in making your goals achievable. If you were to set a goal on having a fit body, how are you going to achieve it? What are the steps needed. Break down the steps into the smallest possible. For instance:
1. Look for a fitness centre 
2. Sign up for classes 
3. Join 2 classes each week 
4. Only have desserts over the weekend etc. 

By breaking down the steps and creating the system, your seemingly huge goals are now achievable and you have a sense of power to make the change.

5. Fall backs 
Expect yourself to 'fail' at some point. Let's face it, we're human. We screw things up. But it doesn't mean we fail as a human being. I learned it the hard way after experiencing the burnout. Let's say you need to travel this week and will need to skip the fitness classes. Or this week you're overwhelmed with unforeseen events, what are you going to do? Many will feel demotivated and just ditch the system overall. I'll say, write down the possible fall backs you're likely to face (e.g.: if I fall sick this week, I'll take another week to recover or only go for one class the following week). This way, the fall backs ARE part of the plan.

I think that's all I have for you this week! I hope you find it helpful. Speaking about creating a system, I'll be uploading a new post every Wednesday 7.30pm! Let me know what other topics you want me to write about. Can't wait to create more content in this space.

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