Trust the process of growth and change


Hello my beautiful people! This whole two months has been the craziest so far this year.  I say this all the time. But, it is really crazy. 

This month is all about change and growth. 

I experience a change at my workplace, did my last theoretical papers in my Masters degree, went for a sensitivity camp, launched my business website ( while working my ass off for an upcoming wellness workshop. 

These changes are great. The after effects are really amazing. You how they say change starts when you're out of your comfort zone. 
But before change happen, the anticipation of the unknown is what terrifies us all. 

However, the only constant in life, is change

I want to share with you about the process of me experiencing change. 
I use to reject change as much as I can. I don't know about you, I feel as though change is CONSTANTLY HAPPENING every. single. month.  *phew* 
As I am transitioning into my late 20s, I realise this happening more often than ever. 

Since change is inevitable, accepting it, understanding it and embracing it is the only way to reduce our stress level. 


Trust your gut feeling. I believe very much that we can only contribute this much of the result of who we are today by hustling, the rest of it happens for a reason. Rather than stressing out on the possibilities of change, I learned to hustle while trusting universe's plan for me. 

It doesn't mean you take no responsibilities on your journey. Instead, I go full force to pursue my dreams and  TRUST the process of change, because when we resist change, we will not grow. 

I hope everyone is doing well in life so far. Just fyi, MINC.CARE website is mainly focusing on self-care content, whereas this platform is more personal (more like a behind the scenes of MINC)

If you're reading till this far, thank you. I am forever thankful for you!

6 things I've learned in Butterfly Project 6th Birthday Bash


Earlier in April, I attended an event hosted by the Butterfly Project community to celebrate their 6th birthday bash! I am so grateful that I finally prioritize to attend this event because it always clashes with my workday (sigh working on weekends problem). I've gained so much during the event! Rather than telling you what I did during the event, I'll share what I've learned from the event to give you a glimpse of how lucky I feel to be in this event. 

Butterfly Project 6th Birthday Bash 
Date - 27 April 2019

1. Online connection still cannot beat 
real life connection with people 
One of my biggest takeaway from event is that I'm able to connect with these amazing people! I've known them online for the longest time but meeting them in real life, face-to-face just couldn't beat the online aura they send out. I love every single one of them! The aura they carry from online to offline can be felt instantly. 

Still, I wouldn't discredit how the internet has eventually connected us together. The fact we are all gathered on the birthday bash celebrating the community's 6th birthday shows we could use the internet connection for good.

(Also, I wouldn't deny the fact that I had a moment of overflowing excitement when people know me by name during the event. I thought I was a potato. LOL.)

2. You can be a selfless boss babe 
This, is for the founder of the community - Tammy, our mamasan. I was truly inspired by the work she put in when building such a close knitted community. After the event, I followed her even more closely (not in a creepy way ok). I was inspired by her creativity and dedication in hosting events after events, and the way she pitch her projects to brands and big company. 
p/s: I can't wait to share with you a huge collaboration that we'll be hosting very soon! 

3. A little bit of humour 
might just be what you need to lift your day up 
Before the event, I was drained. I was drained because 1) I did not sleep well, 2) I had a long day at work, 3) Malaysia traffic. Already late, I dashed into the space with my mind all over the place. However, when Joanne Kam Poh Poh did her opening act, my worries instantly got shoved away. It made me realize this, we will always be stressed out, we will always worry. It's a matter of how long are we holding on tho those stressor and how are we willing to let it go once in a while. 

4. We can expand our knowledge anywhere,
 as long as we open our heart and mind to it 

It makes my heart warm when I know there are so many sponsors behind this event! Having the support from these brands definitely made this event so much more interesting! Guess what, I learned so much about the brand and the knowledge behind them as well! 

It really says a lot about our growth mindset. In the midst of this fast paced world, there is always more we can learn. Even though this is a beauty blogger event, I got to learn how these amazing entrepreneurs/creative run their businesses and host events! Here's a few of the things I learned from the sponsors: 
1. T-STICKS Malaysia
Probably the most innovative way to drink your tea! No mess, No drip, No spoon needed! It's so amazing to see how our lifestyle is slowly innovating according to people's creativity! I tried the Fruit Tea one, and it is so refreshing to sip on!

I did this flower crown! But truth be told, it was difficult af, not as easy as it looks! I am giving more respect to florist and their skills. You all know how flowers can make me happy. With such a bad start of day, these flowers certain brought a smile to my face. Thank you Emi for teaching the workshop!

3. The Blossom Balloons
This is probably the most chio balloons I've ever seen! It has a combination of two of my favorite things that makes my heart flutters: transparent balloons + baby breath/dried flowers. I definitely can tell how much effort they've put in for the decoration and table layout. It makes me feel like I've walked into a different vibe (I actually wasn't fully aware I was in a concrete building because I felt like I'm in a brand new world)

So grateful to have Yves Rocher celebrating the same birthday month with the Butterfly community! It was also their 60th birthday so this collaboration was meant to be! I learned so much about their mission to provide botanical products in affordable prices. I also really love how they are making an effort in reducing waste and improve sustainability by innovating their packaging designs! I even bought their moisturizer after trying out the welcome gifts they provided during the event.


5. We can be proactive in achieving what we want 
If you don't ask, you will definitely not get what you want. 

During this event, I started off by taking my first step in saying hi even when I'm nervous af inside (those negative self-talk like "omg am I going to say the right thing" or "omg will I embarrass myself" keeps bugging me). When I first say hi or initiated a conversation, it made it so much easier to talk to the next person, and then the next, and then the next. At the end of the event, I got to connect with some amazing people and soon collaborate with a few more! *can't contain this excitement* So, ask! The worst is you won't get offered what you want, but that's eventually what will happen if you don't ask anyway! 

6. Colorful food & good conversation is the way to my heart 
Now, this may sound silly. But can we just take a moment to appreciate how Lydia from Jom Party, another sponsor for the catering service, did the whole food station? I was eyeing this the moment I step into the venue. I never knew simply by adding (natural) colors in to my meals, I am able to eat more, and more healthily even! While I was lining up getting my food, I started talking to a couple more new people (the first question is usually, do you want this? *pointing at the colorful pastries*) Then, the conversation starts! No matter how busy I am, this event reminded me of how I missed attending events like this to connect with all the beautiful souls! 

Before I end this post, I just want to take this opportunity to thank Tammy once again for your persistence in gathering all local beauty bloggers together and keeping the Butterfly community together. I am looking forward to more gatherings like this. Also, I am utterly grateful for all the sponsors for making this gathering a magical one! 

Last but not least, I am grateful that I started the blogging journey and I truly hope for the best for others we are striving in the blogging world to continue doing what creatively inspire you! :) 

Work Life Balance | How to get things done efficiently (Productivity tips!)


One of the most frequently asked questions I get: 
especially when I'm also doing my part-time masters program (i love it but ugh as well) 

To be honest, I don't have a magic solution that could make all things work out, but I do have a system that I rely on to maintain the homeostasis lol, and to make sure I don't go haywire. 

1. Set a system for yourself 
I think this is pretty basic, we all know that we need a planner (be it physically or digitally) to keep ourselves organized. However, have you find yourself jotting down all the to-dos and schedule yet, still not keeping up? A lot of us KNOW this but we don't do it optimally (myself included). 
I took a productivity course on Skillshare which has help me tremendously in optimizing my to-doist app, Google Calendar and physical planner 

Another huge tip on this is to set a review day. What you do with a review day is to review the previous week (e.g.: carry forward events, what was working well and what you need to catch up on). This allows you to have a birds-eye view of the following week too. I personally set a 30 minutes on a Monday to do this review :) 

2. Instead, multi-task in efficient ways 
For the longest time, I thought being able to juggle work-life balance is to be good at multitask. Boy am I wrong. The key to having it all 'well-balanced' is to be good at FOCUSING. 

I now use the Pomodoro method as discussed before (e.g.: setting 20 minutes to start off a task) in order to make myself go into deep work mode. Of course, some good lofi music helps too! (my current favorite is this one)
I got to understand more about the effect of multitasking through the illustration below: 

credits to donebeforebrekky

When you multi-task, you often spend a great amount of effort when changing from one task to another. This costs more effort when picking up the previous task/next task when we interchange between task. Overtime, the amount of tasks that's effectively is decreased, which is known as being busy, not productive and effective. 

Also, I'm currently looking more into the Pomodoro Method and Task Batching to learn how to be more effective with my daily tasks.


Also read about Batch Tasking 

3. Ditch the perfectionist in you 
 The idea of having everything perfectly in line is just bullshit (sorry for the lack of vocab but really). A lot of people think work-life balance means having it all together and it's sunshine and rainbows all the time. 

Here's what balance looks like to me: 
Pulling an all-nighter for an assignment due, double booking my appointments, having heated arguments with Joe and feeling guilty of not having enough family time. 

Knowing that I can have it all, not all at once, but I can have it all. 

 For example, next week is my finals (yiaks) so I know that I will be investing most of my energy on my studies instead. There's always a place and time for different focuses so know that it is ok for fall back sometimes. 
This shift of mindset had helped me tremendously in combatting that evil critical self-talk that's so detrimental to my mental well-being. Please practice self-care in this journey too to avoid burnout.(follow me through the 30 days habit challenge!)

Are you struggling in maintaining work-life balance? What do to do to keep yourself in place when things get out of control? Let me know!

Journalling tips for busy people | Prompts and resources


I'm on my Day 15 of journalling and I finally feel different from this habit building journey. I've fall off twice this month: 1) due to my busy schedule, 2) I'm sick (and still am).

Again, these are the setbacks that I've foresee during my habit building planning (click here for FREE worksheet!), and I'm surprise on how well I'm able to pick up the habit the next day without feeling discouraged at all! *kudos!*

Now, when I first started announcing the #30dayshabitchallenge on Instagram, a lot of you asked: "How do I start?" "What should I write about?" "I couldn't seem to start." 

It was exactly how I felt too! Especially when you are busy juggling with school/work and life. You just want to make it as easy as possible to do this self-care routine. Here's my top tips for those busy hustlers out there that want to start journalling! 

1. Use prompts 
If you have no idea where to start, a few prompts that I've been loving are: 
a) Today, I'm proud of... 
b) I'm grateful for.... 
c) I want to focus on... 

Just this three will do. The others will flow. Just like how they say, it's not that the journey is hard, it's the first step that's stopping you. So get started with these few prompts and you're good to go! 

2. You are not writing an essay
Like, you don't have to submit this piece of work to anyone! Screw that grammatically correct sentence, ditch that bombastic adjective to describe your feelings. You can literally write, or even doodle whatever that's in your mind. 

Some days, I could be writing about how angry I feel and then I jump into my to-do list. LOL. Some days, I even start my journal in English and then switch to Mandarin. If that's how it resonates with you at the moment, do it. 

You may also want to google: morning pages or stream of thoughts for more information.

3. It can be ugly 
Who says journals should be pretty with washi tapes and stickers all around. I know you've been looking for 'journal inspo' on Pinterest but oh dear... we ain't got that amount of time. If you're anyone like me where you still have zillions of to-dos at the back of your head, you want to get it done asap. So, don't worry if it's not 'aesthetically pleasing'. After all, it's the content that matter. 

4. Set a timer 
Go on your phone and set a 15 minutes timer. It may seem very 'extra' but trust me on this, setting timer to any task that you're dreading is magic. It really made me focus on what I needed to do at the moment. 

My journal notebook on Evernote app. You can also see how my mind works, it's all over the place lol.

5. Do it digitally instead 
Not all journal needs to be on paper and pen. I do know people who prefers getting things done digitally. On days when I'm on-the-go, I even journal on my Evernote app. It's quick and easy. You can even create a private blog to document them and review them later. Any note-taking app is good! Do it on your phone or on your computer. Anything that works! Just know that there's always alternatives. 

So that's that! Be sure to download my FREE habit building planner to help you on this journey! If you are journalling as well, let me know how you're doing! Can't wait to hear from you :) 

How to build new habits? Detailed and actionable planning | FREE Downloadable worksheet included!


Your life today is essentially the sum of your habits. - Atomic Habits

Another habits post because I've got lots of questions from you guys regarding my journalling process. If you didn't know about my #30dayshabitchallenge, head over to my Instagram to follow through the journey! 

Before I break down the journalling journey, I'll share with you some of my tips when planning my habit building journey. I've also included the worksheet that I made to help your make planning process easier. So here we go!

1. Identify the habit 
DUH. But really, in details. Not "I want to be healthy" but instead, "I want to workout twice a week". Be specific and ONLY CHOOSE ONE HABIT at a time! Don't ever underestimate how a small habit can transform your life! 

2. Think and feel like you've achieved your goal
Try and feel as if you've already have the habit of working out twice a week, how would you feel? Powerful, healthy and strong. Try envisioning yourself in that state and savour it until it feels true to you! Law of attraction guys *wink*


3. Make a plan 
Download my worksheet HERE to help you with the process! Remember, make sure you are at least 70% confident with your plan, or else, amend it! 

4. Get ready for the setbacks 
In the worksheet, I've also included a column for you to plan for your setbacks. For example, that week was your exam week and you really got no time to hit the gym? Alternative: Do planks at home for 1min x 5 sets. Planning your setbacks allow you to feel more confident in getting back on track later on! 

5. Reach out (find your support system) 
For the longest time, I was so afraid to share my thoughts or goals to others thinking "What if I fail? I'll be such a joke." But when I took the leap to post it on my Instagram, I'm so amazed with how many people are supportive towards my journey and even Joe (a.k.a. the boyfriend) is constantly checking in with me on my journey. So find your own support system to keep you accountable in your habit building journey. 

6. Review 
Look back and evaluate how did the process go. What went well? What did not? Would you continue practicing this habit or you would do it differently? I'll do this together with you on my 30th day of the #30dayshabitchallenge. Can't wait! 

If you want to download the full worksheet, click here

If you want to see how I'm doing with my 30 days habit challenge, click here

and if you want to connect or ask me questions/send me feedback regarding the worksheet, 
email me at 
or dm me on Instagram/Facebook. 

Love ya'll. 

30 Days Habit Challenge | Why?


As we're entering March, I believe a lot of us are struggling to achieve our resolution and goals. How are you coping with it?

I know one of my goal this year is to produce more content (particularly personal development content) and practice better self-care. With that said, I started giving myself a challenge to encourage myself to step out of my comfort zone.

I believe in order to grow better, we need to be uncomfortable; and in order to build the 'dream life', we need to build habits that work. 

Habits, are actually little systems that contribute to our lifestyle and identity. For example, having the habit of drinking lots of water and having balance diet contributes to a healthy lifestyle and 'healthy' image. Whereas, having the habit of drinking beer every meal might contribute to a 'unhealthy' image (well, of course beer belly shows too). 

What I'm trying to say is, WE CAN SHAPE OUR OWN IDENTITY. We can be in control in who we want to become. 

So this is why I started the 30 days habit challenge (#30dayshabitchallenge) 

For every 30 days, I'll be challenging myself to commit to a habit that I want to focus one. ONLY ONE. A lot of time we get so overwhelmed with the amount of habits we want to adopt: working out, eating healthy, reading, waking up early etc. 

But really, our lifestyles are not built in a day, a week or a month. It takes time. A year? 5 years? Maybe more. But it's ok. That's the best part of it. 

We get to solidify our foundation. Each habit will contribute to another, like a snowball effect. Drinking more water lead us to less sickness, which in return lead us to get more things done. It's small, but it has it's effect. I'm starting off with journalling because it contributes to my well-being, which keeps me grounded and allow me to be more efficient. With that, I'm able to do more while staying healthy emotionally. 

Well, that's it for a short post on why I started the #30dayshabitchallenge! If you want to see my progress of building my journalling habit, head over to my Instagram (HERE) to get up-to-date posts! Let me know what habit you're trying to build! :) 



Hello everyone! I'm so excited for today's post! It's been a while since I did a makeup/outfit styling post. Today (drum rolls please), I have a makeup AND outfit post, 2 in 1!

Thank you Barbie Eyesland for sending over the lens! It inspired me to step outside of my comfort zone to try out a new style. I decided to start off with the DOLLY OLIVE contact lens.

If you guys know me well, I do have sensitive eyes. But this time, it feels pretty comfortable to wear during this shoot! I almost forgot how eye color can instantly boost up the whole look!

Cut the talking and here's how I styled the whole look around OLIVE, using Orange as the contrasting look.

inner black top - Cotton On 
olive overalls - Taobao
bomber jacket - thrifted 
heels - random shop (sorry!)
earrings - instashop: purpleagnes

Well, you can guess it. See you in my next post! I have two more contact lens to style *yay*

So you think our relationship is perfect? | Things we learned from our biggest argument.


It's been a pretty tough few weeks for us.  We... well... mostly me, I was triggered over and over again by an unresolved incident that had happened six month ago. Now, let me fill you in a little bit:

6 months ago, Joe broke a news to me, I didn't take it very well, we argued. 
We thought we were over it, but turns out nope. On and off, it went on for the next 6 months.

In today's post, I want to write about the things that we've learned from this downhill of our relationship. Yes, you heard me right, WE. Joe is going to write his bits too! Please send him some love, this is probably his first time writing a blog (he told me it's like writing essay lol). So proud of him! I thought having both of our thoughts would give you a better perspective rather than a one-sided thought.

I realize both of us felt very very similar when we are in argument, and I'm glad we learned similar things from this experience. Love is weird, but it's worth it at the end of the day, be it an argument, a break-up or milestones that we are achieving together.

After all, we are all human that long for that connection,
with others and within ourselves.

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you feel loved whether or not you have a romantic partner, because if you are reading this, I love you!

p/s: I know you're reading Joe, just want to say thank you for doing this with me! you the best.

Counselling, do you need one?


I just ended my counselling session with my first ever counsellor. It was like a break-up (in good terms la of course). To be honest, I often get asked: Do you think I need counselling?

The answer from me is always yes.

Whether or not you are in a distressed emotional situation or you are 'perfectly' fine (well, we all know there's no such thing as perfect), counselling would be beneficial because...

1. You'll learn your trigger points
I first went in for a counselling session just because
- it's free for Help University students (yay free stuff)
- my lecturer says it would be beneficial woorrrr.

So I went in just because. But little did I know I would come out with so many gains. My first session looked like this

Yes. I cried like a crying baby, sobbing, unable to finish my sentences. After the session, I was shocked to recognize how many trigger points I had, that I never knew of for example I never knew I cared so much for my family before, or I've never knew I hadn't overcome my feelings that I had since I'm a child.

2. You're learning a life skill 
We never learn about self-care in schools or from our parents. In school, we learn to focus on academics and curriculum. At home, our parents taught us what's acceptable and what's not. But no one had every touch upon self-care. No one told us how to check in with ourselves. Really, how do we do that?

In sessions, I was able to recognize my thinking patterns and identify certain symptoms when I am going down-hill (read my burnout story). Moreover, it's the awareness that you have for yourself that's most important. I am now braver when confronting with my feelings, like when I screwed up the other time.

This, is a life-long skill. It's something that's different for everyone. So the sessions will guide you in finding your own way to be someone better.

3. It's the time you focus on yourself (probably the only time) 
If you are like me, you are constantly on-the-go. Even when I schedule my "me-time", it's never my me-time. I find it extremely difficult to tune in to myself, especially when I'm constantly having conversations in my head.

The counselling sessions creates a space that I can fully embrace my flaws and strengths. I could be myself. I don't have to put up a face to be the "perfect" daughter. It's my sacred place.

4. You learn to empathize
This is probably the best by-product. After being consistent with the sessions, I find myself being more calm, hence better at listening. Why? Those voices/conversations that I always had are now managed so I can finally listen to my friends and family when they talk. I learn how to listen to care, not listen to answer.

Before I end this post, here's a message from my first counsellor that brought a different perspective on counselling. Thank you :)

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