Naked Petite Heat


It's been so long since I last post about makeup!
That's because I've been using the same thing over and over again. If you remember, I used to use the full size Naked 3 palette (which I absolutely adore). However, ever since I've been travelling around, I tend to pack light. Hence I opt for a palette that is versatile and easy to pack! 

If you're thinking what palette to get for yourself or someone, I would say go for this Naked Petite Heat. I personally think buying the travel-sized palette is more worth it because of it's versatility, even though you may think buying the big one is more "worth" the money. 

Naked Petitie Heat Palette comes in a 6 colors (RM136 at Sephora) which can be used everyday.
 It's compact and comes with a mirror that is big enough for application convenience. The only thing is it doesn't come with brushes, but even with your fingers, it applies and blends really well! 

So, here's a series of picture I took with the makeup look I've been rocking for months. Would you like to see a full makeup tutorial? :P 


  1. You have a cool blog. Hope to see even more posts from you. Good luck with that!



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