What to do before setting the new year's resolution? (2019 version)


I think we can all say that it's time of the year where you will see your Facebook page get flooded with "New Year New Me" mantra. oh yes, it's the time where many of us are starting to feel the omph to list down your new year's resolution. But here's what you could do to set better new year's resolution!

Ealier in November, I actually already started planning my 2019 goals & focuses. Surprisingly, I'm already acting on it! So here's some of my tips!

1. Set long-term goals
Rather than jumping into the whole one-year plan, trying mapping out a 5-years/10-years plan instead! By seeing your future goals, you then get to move backwards and set your one year plan.

Why is this important? I believe most of us have this experience of setting goals because 'just because' without looking at the big picture. What is your big picture in life? Is it to be debt free or starting your own business? Whatever the big picture is, you have to set what you ultimately want to achieve.

Here's my example: 
Big picture: I wish to be debt free in 10 years time.
2018 goals: Travel! 

Do you see how both of them are not aligned? lol. As much as I love travelling, clearing my PTPTN loan is more important for my 10 years goal. So instead here's what I set:

Big picture: I wish to be debt free in 10 years time.
2019 goal: To set aside X amount of money to pay for PTPTN loan each month, to travel once overseas and twice locally. 

In a way, I'm not compromising my urge to travel but instead I'm making it more realistic. You can use the template to work on finding your dream life & 10 years plan.

Create your dream life by creating a list of things that you want to achieve from each areas. Know that you are an amazing human being and you are made up of different experiences like family, career and personal goals. You can add in/take away some of the aspects as you wish because, do you!

*Start from your 10 years plan and slowly move backwards. A quick tip is to do it with pencil first because I guarantee you, you'll be changing them throughout. I even noted down my age of each year (scary I know) to give myself a clearer picture, but again, you shouldn't be restricting what you want to do because of you age!

2. Reflect on previous goals
Know what went well, what did not, and why they did/did not work is a very important way to set your new year right. For example, I was not achieving my health goal in 2018 because I didn't create a habit/system to achieve the goal. I also didn't achieve some of my personal goals because I was too passive, waiting for opportunities to arrive at my doorsteps instead of taking actions to initiate them.
So this year, I'll be creating a system/habits to achieve my goals.

3. Clear space = clear mind
Too cluttered with the noises on what you want to do? You parents says you need to get a higher paying job, your friends suggest you to buy a new car, the world telling you to make more money? Just know that this is YOUR life and you should create your own goal.  Get a brand new sheet of paper for brain dump session. Clean out your physical and mental space before working on your new goals. Know that it is ok to feel suffocated on so many informations and noises outside, but you don't have to accept them. Take actions to clear out your space to have a clearer vision.

4. Setting your values
Know your values and your whys. For example, why do you want to travel the world? Is it because you love the "idea" or is it because your want to explore? Regardless of the answer, always check on why you are making those goals and decisions. One of my goals is to do solo travelling again, and that's because I know it will help expand my worldview. The more personal and in-depth your whys, the better you will stick to your plan and goals.

5. It's ok to change the plan! 
A lot of people feel guilty about not achieving their own goals. At the end, we all feel disheartened about 'failing', or some not even wanting to start. But I'm here to tell you that, it is ok, instead, very ok! We're humans, we change, our values change and our goals change. Know your pace, and trust your timing in life.

Do you have any other tips on setting goals? How do you do so? Leave a comment below to let me know!

Christmas Gift | Experience-based gift ideas


It's the time of the year! This year I don't have much of a plan yet for the festive season, besides a few gatherings which I'm extremely excited about. It's also the time where some of us are stressed out about what to get for your family, partner or friends. If you're not aware, Christmas is also a time where a lot of waste are being made. Have you ever have gifts that are not practical to your lifestyle at all, and you're just too guilty to throw away because it's a gift from someone? example: mugs and cups.

This year, I'm very inspired to buy less stuff, but more experiences instead. Hence, here's some my gift ideas! I usually come up with a lot but I don't get to gift them all out so feel free to use them.

1. Learning Experiences 
Instead of buying a product, why not get them some classes that they've been wanting to learn. There's so many places that offer such experiences and I bet your friend/family will thank you for the experience. Even better, join them for the class as well so you can create memories together!
Some recommendations I have in mind:
Dance lessons - Uncube Studio (for all age!) pssst... they came up with a one month unlimited street dance fitness package! go sign up now!
Fitness lessons - Ministry of Burn 
Art & Craft - Izipizi Craft
Cooking classes - ABC Cooking Studio

p/s: If you're keen on dance lessons, PM me to get a free class with me!

2. Apps
How about getting an app/account for someone that would benefit them? For example, getting them up for a learning experience on Skill Share. I've been on this website lately to learn how to manage my social media content creating hustle and it has definitely been beneficial! Or, get them a preset pack for their Lightroom photo editing app? These are the things that they may not want to spend extra money on but would dieeeee to get one.
psssst, sign up for Skills Share with THIS link to get your first two months free!

3. Secret Santa 
If you reeaaallllyyy have to get that someone something, then why not do a secret santa? I've been doing this with a bunch of friends, and this year we finally use this website to do the secret santa and it's waayyy better :P So instead of guessing what to get for your friend, we specifically wrote down what we wanted and we get to see what the assigned person wanted. So.. no waste at all! You get what you want, and you don't need to worry and side guess what the other person wants.

4. Self-care/Self-pamper experiences 
Again, something that you cannot buy with money is self-care experiences. If you know a friend who's always stressed up, try getting them some journal, or a trip to the spa! Yes, you are spending money to buy the journal or spa voucher but it comes with a experience that can never be bought! If you really want to go that extra mile, why not offer to book the next trip for that special someone?

5. Service 
You know the infamous book "The 5 love languages" by Gary Chapman? One of them is act of service, and I think it is pretty universal. Offer to run the grocery for a family member, or bring their car for a car wash service, or even help them pay the next month's phone bill? Why not? These are necessities that they will need to do but instead you are offering to decrease their burden a tad bit!

Any other gift ideas? Comment down below if I missed out any! :D

Naked Petite Heat


It's been so long since I last post about makeup!
That's because I've been using the same thing over and over again. If you remember, I used to use the full size Naked 3 palette (which I absolutely adore). However, ever since I've been travelling around, I tend to pack light. Hence I opt for a palette that is versatile and easy to pack! 

If you're thinking what palette to get for yourself or someone, I would say go for this Naked Petite Heat. I personally think buying the travel-sized palette is more worth it because of it's versatility, even though you may think buying the big one is more "worth" the money. 

Naked Petitie Heat Palette comes in a 6 colors (RM136 at Sephora) which can be used everyday.
 It's compact and comes with a mirror that is big enough for application convenience. The only thing is it doesn't come with brushes, but even with your fingers, it applies and blends really well! 

So, here's a series of picture I took with the makeup look I've been rocking for months. Would you like to see a full makeup tutorial? :P 

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