Glass House 325, Janda Baik (Photolog Version)


A while ago, I went to this place called Janda Baik with a bunch of my high school friends, and we had a blast just reconnecting with each other without any internet distraction from the outside world (YAS). I didn't even bother looking at my phone most of the time, which is so damn great. While we had some time to spare, Joe & I made good use of the Airbnb that we were staying in - Glass House 325. As the space says, it's a house that has lots of glass sliding doors (lol). I'll write that in detail in upcoming posts but for now, enjoy this series of photos that we took at a bathtub in the house (lol lol).

This is my first time using LightRoom to edit these set of pictures. Still in a midst of mastering the art in editing! I know there's some inconsistency in the editing but... argh I loved the space so much I just had to! Hopefully I could do this more often to brush up my skills.

Also, photos are inspired by Sorelle Amore. Although these are not #advanceselfie, but the concept was inspired by her style! Really inspired to travel around the world like her.

Anyway, let me know what you think about this series! I would love to do more to push my creativity each time. (thank you boyfriend for doing this with me, you da best)

Tips & feedbacks are always welcomed! oh, happy thanksgiving!


  1. Hahaha this is such an extra thing to do, but it looks great!

    1. haha yes! but again, trying to make good use of the space hahah!



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