GE14: To those who chose not to vote


Hello my fellow Malaysians! I know, this blog is definitely covered in dust *wiping it off now for you*. Yesterday marks a historical moment for Malaysia, after 60 years, the opposition got the majority votes! *happy tears*

Me, I am not the kind that loves politics. I've never knew how the friggin system works, I AM NEVER BOTHERED, UNTIL YESTERDAY. For the first time, I read every single news about the election, learned about each parties and how the election system works. For the first time, I WANT to understand more.

I remembered clearly 5 years ago my parents were so upset (literally got grey clouds everywhere they go one ok) about the election. I was also feeling ridiculous about the dirty tactics played on the election day *roll eyes* so I swear I'm going to vote this year, which I did.

... and I thought everyone would feel the same, especially those around my age.

... but no.

Even the people closest to me didn't vote.

OKAY NOW CHILL. I'm not trying to blame to place guilt on anyone but YOU HAD THE RIGHT.


ok. fine. ok.

DISCLAIMER: OK PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T VOTE IS NOT A BAD PERSON. It's like don't conclude someone who didn't vote as a bad person overall, because I've known these people who are those who I love/have known them for quite some time. They are not bad people. The purpose of this is just to share my 2 cents and hopefully, hopefully, things will be different. 

I've seen people shaming those who didn't vote, and those who didn't vote posting statements explaining why. Mostly:" aiya, __ sure win one la, it won't make a difference also"

The only thing I would do (and did), is to smile and say: "well, I'll try, we have to try right. I'm voting."

like c'mon, you don't know the answer for your exam questions you also tembak la right still got chance ma, if you leave it blank confirm you get zero la!

Okay maybe voting for our government is such a big thing or such a scary thing that you don't want to be involved in. OK I UNDERSTAND COZ I ONCE FELT THAT WAY. But let's put it in this context too.

I'm sure you've been in a shoe where you need people's cooperation to achieve certain things right? (like asking people to fill in the form for some activities, or vote for a place to go for vacation) When people don't cooperate I'm very sure you feel very pekchek hor. So, there you go.

Politics is such a big game that I don't want to be involved in too (even politics in my community I tend to flee), but using your basic right to stand up for what you believe in is necessary.

ok thank you and goodbye.

p/s: tell me you are also one of the people who are secretly looking at other's peter pointer these few days. Don't tell you don't coz I know you did.

Stay safe everyone!

p/s  p/s: changing government DOESN'T mean it'll confirm be better, but staying is definitely not a choice anymore. so change is necessary.

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