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Hey everyone! I woke up this morning feeling both relieved and upset because
1. I didn't sleep all night because my head was running rehearsing for the upcoming project 
2. I received an email from Youtube saying my videos are not eligible for monetization because I didn't meet their "number" requirement

It may seem to be something that I'll feel upset but I had this sense of relief because I've decided to switch my content to Facebook and Instagram instead two weeks ago. I felt like there is no more pressure in doing what I initially love. So... I guess I've made the right choice?

A lot of people are stepping in to the social media world to earn a living. Some have even took the extreme to earn views and likes. Yesterday I came across two videos 

1. This bf put laxatives in his gf's drink and locked the bathroom door and hid the keys. She was desperate needing the toilet but he didn't even helped her get those keys. She was crying so badly. She even had to do her business behind the tree. WTH IS THIS GUY THINKING. 

2. This is a local couple where first, the guy cut the gf's hair in her sleep (in the end gave her an iphoneX as a gift). As revenge, the gf threw this guy's PS4 (or sth like that) out from the balcony saying he couldn't be angry because he cut off her hair at first. 

I thought couples are supposed to be respectful of each others' boundaries and feelings?
 So what's the purpose of all these pranks? Just to get views or what? It bothered me because, I'm thinking why would people go so far to this extreme? WHY? 

I think we should all keep in mind to respect each other. 


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