Jonlivia Woman Long Sleeve ActivTee Plus (GIVEAWAY!)


If you are not familiar with Hotpants yet, I've reviewed twice on them and they have been amazing! 
Read here: 

However, how can you do the same to your upper body? Well, I've got your back. Here's Jonlivia's Woman Long Sleeve ActivTee Plus! 

First off, this is my third time working with Jonlivia, which is an active wear brand where they include lots of different products to meet different needs including their Phiro series that helps with posture. I love their concept. My favorite thing about them is they are constantly improving their products (like adding pockets to the active wears!). 

Without further ado, lemme introduce you to the ActivTee Plus :) 

The Neo Abs Technology of this top is said to help burn belly fats faster so... hello to my abs dream! I've used this to workout under the air-conditioned room and so it helped me sweat so much quicker! 
oh yeh abs, come to mama.

 Tell me about the convenience of pockets. YES! 

A lot of you have been saying you are worried you might feel stuffy when you wear it. But fret not... 

The CoolVenti technology make sure you are staying cool and "well-ventilated" while you sweat it all out!

Personally, I'll do anything that's triple the effectiveness on my workout! I love that it is very stretchable and easy to wear. I could simply workout in my airconditioned room without worrying about not sweating enough! 

I'm wearing a size XS. It hugs nicely but if you don't like the tightness in your top, I'll suggest sizing up a little. For their bottom collection, I always go for XS :) 
Here's the full set! 

NOW, I know 2018 will be the year you've decided to stay fit! So... 
I'm giving away the Jonlivia Hotpants (worth RM250) since I received an extra! 
(This is a size XS, so if you fit this size, read through!)

All you need to do is... 
1. Like my Facebook page HERE 
2. Comment on this blogpost link on the facebook page on why you want to win this pants. 
ANDDDD I'll pick a winner! 

Thank you so much for the incredible support last year. I'll continue to post more content, especially on my Facebook page now. :) 

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Small things matter


Last year I've set a few "goals" that I didn't see it happening throughout the process. I didn't even realize I was already achieving them slowly. So today, I want to take this time to be appreciative with where I am now. 

I've always dreamed of work travelling. If you don't know, I was performing on a huge stage, live on TV, with Astro Hua Hee Dai, in Penang. 

I know I know. It's not like legit travelling far far away to work but still, it means a lot to me. I want to acknowledge this because although it may seem small, it is a step ahead from where I was before and it is something that I've envisioned before. 

Second, I've always wanted to vlog more. This year I made it a point to upload as frequently as possible. Even though I was not able to be as consistent as I would like to, I did achieve a little over 100 subscribers. I also have this series called "Daily Minnie" and Joe also joined in the game! I can't emphasize how excited I am to have him with me in this journey :D 

Lastly, probably my biggest highlight of 2017. I was able to produce Roots Dance Drama. As a little kid, I always knew I love the stage. I always feel excited like I belonged to the stage. Roots was definitely the biggest growth in my career because I got to be the producer. I have a lot, A LOT more to learn. I cannot thank D'Artiz enough for the opportunity! Thank you Mervin. 

A small reminder for the start of the year, is to do small things with big love. Be kinder to others. Be kinder to myself. Do the small little things that matter, like saying "thank you" or just give someone a hug when they need one. Happy New Year everyone. Thank you! 

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