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Hey everyone. Happy Saturday! This morning, I woke up at 9am (which is unusual, I used to wake up pass 11am if there's no work), and started working on my upcoming videos. If you have not, click HERE to watch my new series called "Daily Minnie" where I vlog about what's happening in my life. 

I finished everything in two hours, forgetting I have yet to have breakfast *yiaks*

While my mom was preparing my breakfast, she mentioned my dad will be working in a new company next month. I'm quite surprised but, in a way proud that my dad is still hustling at this point. Also, I find myself like him a lot.

I remember back when I used to tell myself that I don't want to be like my dad. I don't want to be as stubborn as he is. I don't want to have the ego that he has. 
But now, I'm proud to say I'm very much like him. I didn't know how did this happen but by just being who he is, even with flaws, he'd shaped me into who I am, with his influence. 

I'm stubborn, which I didn't realize until Joe pointed that out to me. 
hmm. Ego, yes. The thing I'm trying not to be, but apparently, yes I got that too. 

However, I love hustling, even over the weekends, like now. I'm constantly finding ways to learn, even when I'm out of school. My dad has always been someone that values education a lot, where he 'die die' also will give us the best in education. I think that's the best thing he'd implanted in me where right now, I always want to hustle hard to provide the best education for my children too (not yet ah you all don't panic).

I guess what I want to say is that everyone has flaws, even our parents. But when you let your strength override your flaws, you'll inspire people around you, in the way you've never imagined.

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