First Impression: Curel Sebum Care Series


Another Kao's product on your way! Today I'm doing a first impression review on this Curel Trouble Sebum Care Series. It consists of foaming wash, lotion and moisture gel. I'll go through it one by one below! :) 

Curel is a Japanese brand where they aim to provide skincare solution for sensitive skin. They believe they way to help with sensitive skin is to develop highly effective ceramide solution (click here to read more). So they produce  researched based products that is gentle yet effective to people of different ranges.

This range that I’m reviewing  is suitable for sensitive and oily skin. I chose this series because I'm constantly sweating throughout the day. On some days, I need to have makeup on as well. My biggest worry now is my clogged pores which is making them more visible :( 

*all the links are at the end of the post*

 Step 1: Sebum Care Foaming Wash
"I've always heard about foaming wash but I've never tried them. First, I thought they wouldn't be hydrating. But surprisingly, it cleans my face without pulling or tightening my skin too much. In fact, I'm kind of digging the whole pump foam design as it's easy to use and very hygienic! Might be my favorite product out of all.

Step 2: Sebum Care Lotion
"It acts as a toner but has a thicker consistency. I think it's a moisturizing one but doesn't has a very obvious first result, probably need to observe more overtime. I think this consistency is best applied using my hands rather on a cotton pad" 

Step 3: Sebum Care Moisture Gel 
"I really love how the thick yet light consistency absorbs so fast into my skin. I actually added this in my travel bag so I could pop this out after my workout/classes. I prefer patting it softly on my skin to allow it to absorb thoroughly. First time after using I do feel a bouncy feeling. Would be a perfect moisturiser under makeup!"

Foaming Wash, Cleansing Gel, Trial kit & Intensive Moisture Cream 10% off promo
*1st September - 30th September 2017*

Available on 11street & Lazada

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