What's next?


Hey everyone. You might have know that Roots Dance Drama has finally come to an end. I'm so grateful, and it's beyond words. I wake up everyday feeling like it was a dream, yet I've accomplished such an amazing project with so many talented people! While I'm contained with so much joy and gratefulness, I'm also busy with the transition back to KL. 

A lot of you asked me: What are you going to do next? 

I don't really know. I know what I want, but I don't have a solid answer yet. 

However, I don't feel as fearful as I am when I came down to Ipoh a year ago. 

This one year experience has taught me that, it's ok to not know what's gonna happen next. 

To be very honest, I was training my dance, and practicing so much before this. I always thought it was just an outlet for me to relieve stress, and it was just a hobby. I never know dancing would bring me this far. Before coming to Ipoh, my only idea was to try out different career options. But throughout the one year, I've met great people, the special someone, and also fulfilled my dream. 

I'm sure Roots Dance Drama is not end but a beginning for me to do more. 

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