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I'm trying to pick up writing as a habit of mine so I'm trying to write everyday. If not, every other day. A lot say blogging is dead but I don't believe so. It still consist a bunch of people who likes creating content and writing. For whatever reasons, I still love this little passion and I don't want my blog to be overcrowded with products reviews/collaboration. 

Today we're touching on the topic of surrounding ourselves with the right people. I was away from home and away from the crowd that I love for about a year. Being away from them didn't seems like a big deal UNTIL I'm back. 

I could see how big of the difference it is. I was working hard far away yet I do not have a couple of people that I meet every now and then where we share and inspire each other. Don't get me wrong, my colleagues there are amazing as well! But because of our working schedule and job scope, it is seldom we get to hang around and meet up. As time passes by, I didn't know I was drowning into a very boring routine, which I did not like at all. 

This evening, I met up with my two best friends and we literally just talked for 3 hours! It's nothing like gossips (well, a bit la here and there we're girls ma), but I feel so much inspired and motivated right after. When you surround with people that are encouraging (AND HONEST TO YOU), you'll feel pumped up. I'm having so much courage in what I want to achieve now! 

At this age, I've learned to discard people from my lives. Not that I'll confront them and say "bye I gtg let's not contact"; I'll distant myself from people that I constantly feel demotivated and down when I'm with them. Even if it breaks my heart to do so, it's necessary for my wellbeing and mental health. It's important to take care of yourselves first. 

That's it for today. It's midnight and I have to wake up early so, good night! 
(p/s: I'm thinking what to call this kind to chit-chatty post. Suggestions?)

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