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Story time! 
Today I'm going to talk about this book that's written by one of my high school junior (Her name is 陈安时), and she's also a writer at! (suddenly have this odd realization of what have I achieved LOL)

Anyways, it's a short and sweet high school puppy love story. It's too cute that I keep smiling the whole time reading it. I've brought it to my Krabi trip thinking it's thin and it's an easy read; also I wasn't expecting myself to like it so much since I've only bought it to support her, BUT I LOVE IT. 
It was a really good conversation starter for me and Joe as well hehe! I read it all when we were stuck in a cafe due to the rain and finished off the book on the beach (omg best feeling ever, can visualize or not)

While I'm reading, I have a lot of flashbacks on my 'first boyfriend' because we're from Chong Hwa as well. I could really visualize what she's writing since she's writing her true story. awwwww. 
So, I'll tell you a little story about my first love back in high school *cringe cringe*

Mega throw back to when I was 15, we were liking each other a lot. So it all started with SMS-ing as well (it's so expensive T_T). 
There's this one fine day, it was a Saturday. I remember it so well because I need to stay back at the hostel while waiting for my parents to pick me up. It wasn't a very happy day because I wanted to hang out with them, but couldn't. 

Then we sms-ed as usual. 
"where are you" 
"at the hostel, waiting for my parents to come pick me up :("
"what time are they coming?"
"in another few hours I think"
"where are you? I'm here" 

yeap, he walked back all the way (we got no car ok so everything is full effort one haha). We were walking on the jogging track and having some great conversations. I forgot how many rounds we walked. Then out of a sudden he held me hand and yup... there you go (so drama)
We basically had to let go of our hands whenever we reach in front of buildings, and hold hands again whenever we reach the back of the building. LOL. It's so funny and ridiculous. 

This little cute yet funny relationship lasted for almost a year and a half. We moved on. To be honest, he was a really sweet and funny guy. We're in good terms and it's something that I would think back and still laugh at those little funny moments. 

Hope you're having a good week so far! I'll be back in Ipoh this weekend for work and coming back again for work T_____T Sometimes I ask myself why make myself so tired but let's do this! We can do this! *hypnotizing myself* 

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