My Daily Disposable Lenses Story (Bausch + Lomb Biotrue ONEday lens)


(What's in my makeup bag) 

Hello! My week started off pretty hectic T_T I started my new job, and am preparing for the documents with my new course next year anddddd picking up my part-time job. Thankfully all of these are going on pretty smoothly. PHEW! I do know there's some public holidays going on next week so I IZ VERY EXCITED.

Also, I remember that I've said I'll do a post on eyecare. So far I have not have a day where I could take nice pictures of the content I want. So I'll chunk it separately first. Today we talk about these Bioture ONEday Lenses and how I use daily lenses! 

(Read previous post for eyecare history)

I've been wearing lenses for the past 6 years. 
I started with those 3-months lens to monthly ones then to bi-weekly ones. Now, I've also included daily disposable lenses in my "collection". 

On normal days, I'll still use my bi-weekly lenses. But on special occasions, I'll use daily ones. 
Here's a few situation: 

1. Travelling
The last thing I want while travelling is a pair of tired eyes and the hassle to bring saline solution along. So, daily lenses are my best choice! I love that it's hassle-free and you'll feel comfortable in it too! A lot of times we'll be out whole day hence I wouldn't bring my bi-weekly ones because it'll be exposed to a lot of dirt and germs since we're outdoor long time.  

2. To the beach/pool
If I were to go to the beach/pool and I HAVE to have my lens on (because I legit cannot see T_T), I definitely wear my daily disposable ones. Once I get out of the pool/beach, I'll throw the lens away immediately. 

3. Long-day performances
As a dancer/performers, I'll need to have heavy makeup and lenses on for a long day for preparation. For example during Roots Dance Drama, I had to prepare by 10am and all the way until 11pm. I really didn't want my eyes to suffocate and with that heavy makeup on, my eyes confirm will get irritated (plus I got very sensitive eyes la) 

That's that! I've worn the Bausch + Lomb Biotrue ONEday Lenses for the three occasions before (now keeping a pair of it in my makeup bag as backup) and didn't have to worry much. Hehe. I hope you find this post informative! I would like to do more updates and informative posts rather than just products review. 

You may get it at most of the leading optical shops priced at RM125/box of 30pieces.

Thank you for reading and I hope you had a great start of the week!

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