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Hello everyone, I'm currently on the train heading to Ipoh. You may or may not know, Joe is from Ipoh and he is still there. I'm back in KL for good right now. So technically we're in a long-distance relationship. I know it's not that far apart anyway, it's just a two-three hours ride but still it is a long-distance one. 

At first, I'm very skeptical about LDR because I'm the kind that need the presence of the other half to feel his warmth and care. We had lots and lots of nights talking about this. On some days I'll even breakdown at the thought of LDR. Like how? 

After lots of discussion and reassurance from Joe (thank you), we (or mostly me), finally come to a conclusion that we must at least try our best. I still don't know how this work, but both of us are doing our best in making effort to visit each other as much as we could. Also, to communicate with each other all the time. The thing is, both of us are busy with work. Our schedules are often opposite which bothers me most, but there's nothing we could do about it, work is work. 

Some people have told me to stay in Ipoh. But I just didn't feel like I belong to the place. I feel so much happier being in KL. With that said (& I've blogged about this before), I don't want to give up/change my dream because of him. I might feel sour/blame him when I couldn't have the life I want. Plus, I'm really lucky to have such an encouraging boyfriend that'll push me to chasing my life despite wanting me to stay as well. 

Still in the midst of adapting to this. Hopefully it'll end soon, but for now, this is the biggest challenge we'll have to face. Have any of you dealt with LDR? Any tips or thoughts in maintaining a LDR?

Thanks for reading and we'll have some fun content next! 

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