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Hello y'all! I just got home from Ipoh and am settling down but! I remember I promised to give you more on my FIRST IMPRESSION series, so let's get this done! 

Today we're touching on contact lenses. Let me brief you on my eyes situation:
I have a rather sensitive eyes. So all of the doctors and eye care professional advice me not to use colour contact lens. A few years back I had a very serious eye infection from Viper challenge because of the long hour dirt and germs exposure to my eyes. IT WAS A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I thought I was going to go blind T_T therefore, I'm extra careful with eyecare. 

Since I've distance myself from color lenses, I've never really purchased them unless they are sent to me. I genuinely review them as I know how important it is to take good care of your eyes! so, here goes!

These color lenses are from Barbie Eyesland. I love how they packaged it with thorough instruction.  These color lenses are also made in Korea. I'll give a detailed review for the brand at the end.

" I LOVE THESE! I just love how it gives a very mysterious feel my look and it instantly spice up all my selfies! I put on a warmed tone eye makeup just to balance the coolness the grey. But, really! I love it so much!"

"This really did enlarged my eyes without giving too much attention. For a subtle look, I paired it with a slightly pinkish eye makeup so it gives a more playful look to it."

"I've always love violet/pink contact lenses as they give a very lovely vibe to the look. I went for violet and it instantly make the look more interesting. I just put on eyeliner and mascara to keep it simple."

||Overall review||

Comfort: With my eyes background, I got a little irritation on my eyes. Probably because it doesn't enough water content which is something I look heavily on. I usually wear contact lenses for long hours (sometimes more than 8 hours which I know, I'm not supposed to), so these were a little drying. 

Aesthetic: All three colors are amazing! I'm so in love with the grey one especially! Makes me look so much like angmoh haha! If it has a higher water content, I would definitely wear these all the time!

Price: RM25 per pair. How much can I ask for! For the price, I would say it is a good pair of lenses!

I would wear them to make my look more interesting if it's just for a short event but if I have a whole day of events, I'll go for my bi-weekly or daily disposable ones. I'll do an eyecare video/blogpost soon! But for RM25 per pair I would definitely repurchase to wear it for fun (for short hours) just to spice up my look. hehe

Where to get: 
Contact: Wechat / WhatapspsπŸ“ž 011-33333010


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