What am I up to?


So... first, I went to Krabi with Joe. It was amazing.

then I came back, and I was bombarded with lots of work.

especially ROOTS Dance Drama preparation. We're counting down to less than a month to the day. 

oh, not forgetting we have Uprock coming in a week. But I'm glad we are having the buddies from Australia back here! 

well, if that is not hectic enough, I have a bunch of blogposts pending.Image result for stress pull hair gif

and surprise surprise, my health started to blink the red light in two weeks straight. 
Image result for sick gif

but all is good, we're back in good condition!

but also, in a midst to get prepared to head back to KL, for good.

So let's just conclude I'm having a roller coaster month and it's not going to stop until August.
wish me luck!

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