Hey. My blog has been quiet lately and I'm not gonna lie or give excuses. I've been feeling a little down lately by the huge events that's coming up. I'm excited to what's ahead of me but at the same time, I'm drained by the worries, which is getting unhealthy. 

I love this space. This is my space. Everything I post here is absolutely what I stand by, including paid posts and collaboration with brands. However, it's still an exhausting activity. I kinda drag myself to write posts, and especially when brands reach out to me (some where I'm not too familiar with), I feel like blogging is an obligation. 

With that said, I feel like I'm struggling to be a good blogger while maintaining my full-time job. hah. oh not forgetting to spend time with people I love and care about. Losing the passion to blog is one of last thing I want to happen. That's why here's a detox post/period. 

First, I'm gonna still do reviews. But in a casual and light-hearted way. So I'm gonna post more on Instagram (follow come come! @minniechangg). Next, vlogging. I do find it easier for me to talk about certain thoughts in video form, so head over to that corner too (Youtube ID @minniechang). 

Moving to Ipoh has been amazing. Shifting to dance/fitness as a full-time job is great. But I still miss KL. The pace and the vibe. The opportunities. 

I'm moving back soon. Probably in August. That's another thing I'm worrying. 
It's ok everyone. 
Everything happens for a reason. 
Everything is going fine.


  1. I feel you! I'm going through the exact same thing here sigh. Hope it gets better soon! Jiayou!

    Yanrula x

  2. Thank you for the sweet encouragement Yanrula! I hope you are doing fine too! It'll be all good :)



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