My Favorite Night Routine ft KAO Megrhythm


So you think singing lullaby is enough to set a good night sleep for me? It doesn't work that way. Here's how I picture a perfect night setup: 

First, my favorite rose scent needs to be set. While that happens, I like to move on to my whole night skincare routine, probably watch a few vlogs while doing so. Then smuggled in my softest blankie and pillows, I like to read a little in my comfiest (and cutest) pyjama set. When the eyelids are gradually dropping, I'll go do my latest favorite night routine: putting on a steam eye mask for a good night sleep. Last but not least, having someone to think of, and kiss goodnight to :3

ah now you ask what's a steam eye mask?

The Kao Megrhythm is a health and beauty product from Japan. I'm familiar with KAO because I've been using their Biore makeup remover and sunscreen for the longest time, and never knew they came up with this new thing! 

So, what it does is that it has a self-warming technology that acts as a steam eye mask. The warmth is not too intense but gives a really good "massaging" effect once it's on. By far my favorite scent is Fresh Rose because, well, I'm digging this scent lately :P I've been using it every once a week, especially when I have my contact lenses on or I've been working on the computer for a long day. Oh, I'll definitely pack this along on long car/plane rides too because it doubles as eye mask! 

If you do have difficulty in sleeping (which I do on some days), you may get this at your nearest Aeon Wellness or Watsons for RM23 per box (with 5 pieces in it). 

Or you prefer online shopping, here's where you can get them! It will be available from 24th April onwards:

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you may redeem a free sample of MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask from the link below!

Have a great weekend! & sleep tight!


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