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Good day y'all! Happy weekend! I just came back from Bangkok (follow me on IG @minniechangg) so it's been a little quiet here but no worries, I'm back to make more content :) Today's will be an honest review on The Plant Base's Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water and Skin Essence. 

Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water 
Size: 150ml 
Price: RM109 
Function: Balancing Skin, Moisturizing, Anti-wrinkle 

"I LOVE THE SCENT! The light lemongrass scent makes the whole skincare routine much more enjoyable. Plus, I find it intriguing as this is a double-layered shaking toner that combines bamboo water & aragan oil. Definitely not the kind that dries out your skin, instead locks in moisture, leaving a light dewy finish."

Nature Solution Skin Essence 
Size: 40ml 
Price: RM129
Function: Anti-wrinkle, Moisturizing, Oil-barrier
"I've been educated that one of the reason for oily/dry skin is that there is not enough oil in it. I know a lot tried to blot away the oil but that may just cause more problems. The best way is to balance it out. One pump of this is enough for my whole face and neck! It does leave a tacky finish at first but slowly, it'll dry out leaving a thin layer to protect the serums I put on beforehand."

*still sniffing on them while writing this* 

That's not all, you can now enjoy 10% off with the code TPBADD10 (valid from 6/3/2017 to 16/4/2017). Go click on their official website down below ;)

The Plant Base 


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