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"Maybe if I behaved better, he/she will love me more?" 

We were in that cycle. We tried to change, so many times, to fit each other's criteria. But always ended up being ourselves, yet hated ourselves for failing to change. 

When the breakup happened, I continuously questioned myself if it's because I hadn't try hard enough, or am I not good enough? Until this once he said:"Maybe if you're this cheerful, I would have still love you." 

That hit me hard enough. 

It led me into these dilemmas:
1. SO, I haven't try hard enough.
2. He wasn't in love with ME at the beginning. 

Overtime, I figure that I'll always be in cycle. If I don't break this, I'll never be happy in any relationships. Don't get me wrong. I certainly have areas I need to work on for example, my habit of not discussing problems; I tend to run away from them *yiaks*. But the fact that I cannot be the "perfect" girlfriend doesn't bug me anymore. 

I just have to be myself. Strive for my own goals and dream. Be as silly, as emotional and as cheerful as I can, when I am feeling that way. I am enough. The right one will look pass the flaws, and see them as gems, and you'll be appreciated and loved the way you are.

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