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Hey everyone. I know, this series was meant to be done within the Valentine's day week but I got caught up with work so yeap.

This is probably the last post on V-series. Here goes. 

I remember starting this current relationship with Joe in a very cautious way. My fear of betrayal and hurt makes me very 'rational' when we first started. As days pass, I get nothing out of it. The fear continuously stop myself from letting my guard down, or basically stopped me from being myself. 

I rewatched one of my videos on highlight of 2015.
"I have no regrets because I've loved fully." 
even when it didn't work out well. 

To be able to love someone fully, is truly a blessing. One of my friend told me that she envies me because I could give my all in a relationship. And to be honest, not only in relationship matters, we'll never get the best when we don't give our best. 

This is a short one but, all in all,
To be able to love boldly is a blessing, 
so love fully :)


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