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Happy Valentine's Day y'all! I almost forgot how it feels like to be celebrating these events. I've been doing a lot of collaboration posts lately, and I really do feel the need to fill this space up with a little personal updates so, for this Valentine's week, I'll be posting all things I've learned from the previous relationship, and what I've learned being single. 

From the previous relationship, I felt myself being taken back in achieving my goals. For example, I've always wanted to travel. But, we'll always be waiting for the "right time" to do so. It bugs me. Today, someone taught me that the right person will make time for you. Even if they don't, make time on your own to make things happen!

Content creating has always been something I had in my head, but I never really did it until I ended the relationship and took it as a source to release all the down moments. It has always been something I envisioned in my head, but I dare not to tell the other half, just because they would think it's such nonsense. It's a very depressing process. Imagine having your significant other whom you share your more intimate thoughts with, but unable to share your dreams. It made me feel small and inferior at those times. 

The right person should make you feel proud of your dreams; and they too are proud of how big your dream is. 

Then, again, I don't want to find myself blaming the previous relationship for holding me back; or as the reason that I not achieving certain goals. That's toxic. So I made myself promise to never let this happen again, I'll never let any relationship hold me back; and I'll never allow myself putting the blame on the person I choose to love. 

So, here's to achieving more dreams, with or without the significant other, and be proud and passionate about it :) 

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