ARWIN/BIOCHEM Rose Rejuvenate Essential Lotion


Ever thought of why your skincare product is not working to it's fullest? Probably because the skin absorption is not well prepped? 

This Arwin/Biochem Rose Rejuvenate Essential Lotion from Taiwan is the first step you use to boost skin absorption so that you skin could take in all your following skincare goodness. Talk about making all your moolah count spending on skincare products. Now you could double the effectiveness of your skincare products! 

I find that it really does prep my skin very well, like how you first soak your sponge before putting on detergent, it moisturizes your skin before any further skincare steps. The subtle rose aroma also put me in good mood to start/end my day while doing the whole skincare routine! :D It's a little fancy, but hey, why not!

I'll be doing a full skincare routine on my blog very soon. You keen to read? 

You may read more about it/ get your hands on it from HERE. 


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