We are kickstarting this week with whole loads of product reviews! I'm trying to do it a little different so I hope you'll enjoy them :) I always thought it'll be great for me to write about MY OWN EXPERIENCE by keeping it short and sweet, because I know we are all busy humans. For in depth details, you can always visit their website. But for now, let's just dive into my experience with COCO2U. 

COCO2U offers a variety of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Skincare Series. They aim to provide 100% natural yet affordable products! Yay because we know how skincare can be overly expensive when it's organic. 

Overall, I find the products very easy to use and I love their starter kit packaging! Easy to bring around for travelling purposes. It's really well-designed for beginners as they're in the right amount (actually quite a lot in my opinion). Plus, they are launching it at RM100 for 4 products! 

jeng jeng

Now if you are reading it, thank you! You can now get RM20 off (even after the reduction on launching price) and a free serum when purchasing the starter kit using the code minniechang20 
IN SHORT: with RM80 you get the starter kit PLUS free serum. 
(valid from 16th January 2017 to 15th February 2017)

For more information / to get one right now?


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