Overwhelming Start


Happy 2017. 

I am typing this in the morning, 7am I mean, because I have a Piloxing class later at 8am. I wish to clear some thought off my head, hopefully help me with starting the day (or week, well at least start my Monday right though)

First week of January had involved lots of resolutions setting, bullet journal planning in additional of all the usual work-to-meet-ends kind. After posting my Highlights of 2016, I got emotional in terms of seeing how much I've grown and how much I want to grow. 

So there you have it, a set of new year's resolutions. I got motivated at first (like first two days), because I saw how I've achieved last year's. Soon enough, I crashed at the end of the week. 

It's overwhelming. Not because of the unrealistic goals that I've set, but the mindset of mine tires me out. Trying to WANT to achieve so many things, in just the starting of the week, was not a great start. At the end of the week, I started questioning things, feeling demotivated and feel like I've failed (which really, I've just started!) 

Taking things a step back, breathed. I let go of certain projects, feeling really bad about it, because I hate that I let go opportunities myself. My concept has always been: get ready, when the opportunity comes, grab. But now I'm letting it go. I'm still in the midst of learning how to let go and only take as much I can handle. I, sometimes (often) overestimate myself, in terms of I'm human and I need rest, and there's only so much I can do in limited time. 

Not to say I'm not aggressive in making progress. I am. That's why I'm trying to pace myself so I don't burnout and get demotivated again, because I end up just wanting to roll on bed all day errday doing nothing but turn into a solid potato. So, for now, I only write down things to focus for the day/week. ONE THING, ONE STEP AT A TIME. 

A note to myself (and to you too): 
You have a whole 365 days to achieve your goals, pace yourself, but make everyday count. 

Happy Monday and here we go!

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