Eumora Classical Facial Bar


Tuesday review is back! This time back with this amazing little guy: Eumora Classical Facial Bar. 

Little did I know they were well-known for their 3-minute miracle facial bar that is now sold over 60 countries! This little guy may look little but it is a sensational Moor facial bar infused with Hma (Hydration Microalgae factor). Also, it is formulated with great world-class ingredients from Europe. I've used it for over 5 days and here I am to tell you how I felt about it. 

I do feel really refreshed while my skin feeling bouncy and tighten yet not drying at all. It has no strong fragrant to it so I feel safe using it. Personally, I can see a difference in terms of the brightness of my face and reduced redness after washing my face. 

To top things off after the squeaky clean face, I usually move on with my toner and serum, plus sunscreen during the day. 

Thanks Eumora! 

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  1. Heard bout the product before. Seems like its worth the try

    1. yup! It's a really basic yet good product :)

    2. Hi Liza, email for a free sample bar today!

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