Big Bowl Ramen, Ipoh


Another Ipoh food adventure! This time we got to use our vouchers for this. ;P It's located at old town, full of tourists at the moment. I have yet to explore the area so that was a good fine day to briefly see how it looks like with the crowd. 

We ordered a huge Big Bowl Ramen, 4 smaller portions one called the "wheel noodles" and some drinks to go along. Personally like how there's lots of ingredient though not much noodles, but just nice for 2 people. :) The wheel noodles where surprisingly yummy! My vote goes to the laksa and beef soup flavour. OMNOMS. 

Plus point, good back drops for pictures so, YAY. 

No. 26, Jalan Market (旧街场三奶巷), Ipoh, Perak

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