Casual Turtleneck OOTD


A casual day out with good food and good companion. Topping it off with a super comfy top from Stylenanda, and making it a lil different with a pair of white shorts. oh, I need a new bag, like seriously. D: 

Outfit Details: 
Shorts - WildCreature
Sneakers - Asics 
Backpack - POLO

Jonlivia™ Hotpants


HEYHEY! 好久没有用中文写部落格。有时候真的得感谢品牌给机会我用中文打部落格,要不然我的中文水平即将往下滑了。

今天要和大家介绍Jonlivia™热裤。如果你们有在跟踪我的social media,你大概也得知我现在人在怡保当健身和舞蹈教练,所以这个热裤来得真是时候。 




Price: RM188 (including arm shapers with pockets)

TWT Cafe - Tea Warmer Treat


Well, remember I blogged about Michelangelo's Pizza previously and claimed how much I love pizza? Here we are again, for the pizza. This is our second time visiting TWT - Tea Warmer Treat Cafe. We tried their Chicken Floss Charcoal Pizza previously and went for Smoked Salmon Charcoal Pizza this time. Both were incredible! I do recommend you to come try their pizzas because of the unique flavors and premium ingredients :D 

Alongside, it's a tea place. I'm a tea person. We got the cold tea, Orange Strawberry, and it was so yummy and refreshing! Though the taste definitely got watered down a lot at the second refill, but I still love how sweet it taste at the beginning. I've heard good reviews about the Molten Lava Cake and Pastas too. Definitely trusting the reviews because the Trio Mushroom Aglio Olio was yummeh! 

Ok, that's that! Off to exploring more cafes and food here! 

30, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1D, Medan Ipoh Bistari, Ipoh, Perak

BHK's CoenzymeQ10+C Review


Now, taking supplement is a pain in the ass for me because first of all, I'm forgetful. I hate adding an extra to-do on my routine. Second, I hate it when I don't see how it makes a difference instantly, but of course I know if does make a difference if chosen wisely, in a long run. 

When (will tell you more about them latee ;)) reached out to me to try BHK's products, I'm like, okay let's give it ago. BHK is well-known for their beauty and health products in Taiwan. I'm a bit eeky with ordering supplements online because of the increased negative news about them. So before agreeing to this, I did some research and it seems to be a legit and fine product. 

I got the basic one - BHK CoenzymeQ10+C supplement as it's function is what I was needing:

"Improve the function of mitochondria, the "powerhouses" that produce energy in cells. It is also an antioxidant, a substance that protects cells from highly reactive chemicals called free radicals that can damage cells and their DNA." MedicineNet

Or some may call it the energy booster. I've been feeling lethargic all the time due to lack of sleep and increase hours of physical activity, so I gave it a try. 

It also contains Vitamin C and E which my mom is urging me to take everyday, in short, I'm killing 3 birds with one stone. yay. 

Now most importantly what I liked about this is that you only need to take ONE tablet per day. Easy. No hassle at all! Let me share a tip with you, if you're a Dory like me. Place your supplement on your vanity. You'll definitely remember to take them as you'll be putting on your skincare everyday. 

A shoutout to 好物飞行 for hooking your homegirl up for this review! Its a platform for you to get goods from Taiwan, including fashion and beauty items. It's convenient and often you get to steal some good deals as they have promotional package going on all the time! 

Last but not least, I believe beauty and health goes hand in hand. So start your 2017 with some healthy choices. I'll be having more blogposts this week so keep in touch!

Big Bowl Ramen, Ipoh


Another Ipoh food adventure! This time we got to use our vouchers for this. ;P It's located at old town, full of tourists at the moment. I have yet to explore the area so that was a good fine day to briefly see how it looks like with the crowd. 

We ordered a huge Big Bowl Ramen, 4 smaller portions one called the "wheel noodles" and some drinks to go along. Personally like how there's lots of ingredient though not much noodles, but just nice for 2 people. :) The wheel noodles where surprisingly yummy! My vote goes to the laksa and beef soup flavour. OMNOMS. 

Plus point, good back drops for pictures so, YAY. 

No. 26, Jalan Market (旧街场三奶巷), Ipoh, Perak

Water Palace, Bali


Hey y'all. I uploaded my Bali Day 4 vlog a while ago, but I really want to organize some of the photos and blog about it. This is Water Palace (Tirtra Gangga) in Amed, Bali. It's beautiful. It wasn't in our itineraries but locals recommended this place. It's very unique with the ponds and all, but most importantly, lots of places for Instagram-worthy picture ;P The weather was also exceptionally good that day so it was a perfect day! :) We ended the night with some reggae music and some dancing. Go watch the video below!

Sweat Proof Makeup Products


Putting on my makeup and making sure it will stay all day is a daily task for me now since I'm a dance and fitness instructor. On top of that, I gotta make sure my pores are not blocked from the products. oh the struggle. So here's a few products I've been rooting for to meet my needs. If you want to know how I do my makeup, just watch the video! 

Featured Products
Biore UV Perfect Face Milk (Any Pharmacies)
Maybelline Hypersharp Power Black (Any Pharmacies)
Shizens Lip Tattoo (
Cybercolor 24hr Eyebrow Pen (Sasa)
Innisfree Eye Primer (Innisfree Outlet)

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