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Online shopping is probably one of the dangerous addiction anyone could get. It’s already hard to resist, let’s not make shopping frustrating. In terms of service and shopping process, I always opt for minimal hassles. Price and quality plays an equal role for me too. With all of that in mind, I’m glad to be reviewing EZBUY for y’all today! (read till the end for reader's benefit!)

Many websites are providing services to gather different online shops from all over the world to ease the hassle for us. First of, thank you for making things so much easier! After browsing through EZBUY, I couldn’t resist to click on some items and added them to my shopping cart. Oh wells, my spirit is happy now.

I love how user friendly the interface is. The categories for all sorts of stuff has just made things so easy to use! They have all sorts of goods ranging from clothing, household items to gym gears. I especially love how they have lots of Korean inspired fashion items there too!

Plus, prices are affordable, including the shipping fee (RM4.50/500g with NO agent fee applied). The hassle shipping fee issue can be canceled off if you are a PRIME member, where there’s flat rate of RM8.80 shipping fee (you know la when you get items from different shops and all, the shipping might vary and once it is added up, boom, shipping fee > price for item).

One of my favorite highlight would be that they have local customer service. IF, there’s any unsatisfactory, there’s still easily-reached party to help us out.

So, here’s a great news to all of you! Head over and start your shopping spree and enjoy the benefits below!

- 15% off Shipping fee with the code: ezsp15
- Get RM15 ezbuy voucher after you register! CLICK HERE!

If you did shop, please tag me or send me pictures of your buy. I would love to see what you are getting ;) 

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