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I don't like that I am always starting my blog with "it's been quite a while" or "Sorry for being MIA" kinda stuff. Because I know it is no excuse. I felt so demotivated with the amount of stuff going on with my life lately. But these 2 days I feel so much better and I have the urge to do more, like blogging and editing my vlogs, like now, NOW. haha! 
Reflecting, I think these are the reasons why:

1. Rest
No point cramping and pushing yourself there's so much going on. I fell sick *padan muka*. So I was.. (kinda) forced to rest. Then I realize it was just what I needed. I had my mind off work so I could refuel myself, and finally have the time to watch some Youtube videos and read some blog ;) 

2. Explore
With the rest, I had the time to finally get myself updated with Youtube and blogs. That definitely gave me that "ohmph" to start working on mine. It's great that when you empty your mind and start fuelling it up with creative contents, it generates its own too. So, go read more, watch more and learn more. 

3. Be with supportive people
I met someone here who's really supportive about what I'm doing. He'll start watching videos with me, giving me suggestions on what content I could do, or we could do *haha!* It's the active support that makes me very comfortable and confident in what I'm doing.  Keep yourself surrounded with supportive and positive people to grow together :)

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