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I believe the matte lipstick trend has gone viral for the past few years. If you have yet to get yourself one, try looking up here to get some inspo from these best matte lipsticks! I couldn't resist but to express my love for matte lipstick too, so here's why I love it! 

1. Their matte clean finish look: simple, trendy yet chic. 
2. Gloss it up and there you have a second look! (because you can't do it vice versa)
3. PIGMENTATION. The color can be so vibrant and long-lasting if you do it right! yay for no need of reapplying them lips. 

As much as I love them, I do have this concern: chappy lips. While I am still not an expert, here's my few tips for that flawless matte lip look: 

1. SCRUB. 
DIY your own by mixing sugar with honey, and scrub the lips once or twice a week. That soft kissable lips definitely serve a great base for the matte lipstick. 

I've learned that leaving the lip balm overnight to moisturize shows better results. But remember to wipe the excess off the next morning! If you feel eeky about sleeping with oily lips, then apply it before you put on makeup, then wipe off the excess before putting the matte lipstick on. 

That's it for today's post! Things have been a little weeeewooowww here. I just moved in to another place, so I'm in a midst of packing. wew. See you soon, very soon! 

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