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A short little update: I cracked my MacBook screen, my car tyre punctured for 3 times within the month and I had a bad gastric last week. I've been crazily busy trying to fix stuff while working. Although I'm out of luck with all these, I still had some ups in life, and that probably cancelled off the unfortunate encounters.

With that said, the last thing I want to worry is looking tired and messed up with all those events. With so much to do, I really needed a pair of contact lens that would not tire or dry up my eyes. So throughout the week, I tried Bausch and Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily lenses that was sent to me and here's my take on it!

This is actually my first time trying daily lenses. Since my previous review on their Lacelle Jewel series, I've been wanting to try colored lenses again. My opinion on it is that it really sparkles up my eyes with less effort, cancelling off the look of bad sleeps I had the day before. Throughout the day, I felt comfortable with it. It doesn't dry up easily. I just need to have once or at most twice eye drops to keep it comfortable (that's because I have very sensitive eyes). The color itself is subtle, but it does show an effect in brightening the eyes. Great for those busy long day since they are daily lens!

Product details:
Color - Rose Pink  (Other colors available: Aqua Glacier, Champagne Brown)
Diameter - 14.2mm
Pack Size - 10pcs per pack

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