White Formula Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid


Let's see what we got here, a range of skincare product review! Thank you My Care for sending me a White Formula Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid set to review. I've been using it for the past 5 days to make sure I get a good idea on how the range is like. Before I start, here's a little history of my face condition:

When I hit the puberty age, I had acne problem. The serious kind where it gets reddish and swollen. I've seek help from the professionals but it got worsen. The medication was too strong that my skin started peeling off. Painful isn't even sufficient to describe how it's like for me to wash my face.
Ok terrible. Then I went back to basic skincare routine. It wasn't better, but it didn't worsen, at least. At the age of 12, I got kicked on my nose during a Taekwondo tournament (LOL). So, I needed to go for a minor surgery. Surprisingly, not only did the surgery solved my sinus problem, it cleared my acne (due to the amount of eeky stuff cleared inside). WAW. 

So I never took my current skin condition for granted. I do have hormonal acne every now and then, but it is under control. I pick my skincare very carefully and make sure it is suitable for my skin. For now, I categorize my skin type as combination skin (oily on the t-zone but having dry patches at times).

 This range consist of: Cleanser, Toner, Lotion, Moisturizing Gel and Essence.

You've probably seen the word Hyaluronic Acid in many skincare products, and this is the main ingredient here. What it basically does is:
Transmit, Replenish and Retain Moisture.

1. White Formula Super Moist Facial Foam with Hyaluronic Acid
Size: 120ml
Price: RM29.90
"This doesn't strip off the moisture while cleaning the skin. It leaves a 'boingboing' feeling after using, haha!" 

2. White Formula Super Moist Light Toner with Hyaluronic Acid 
Size: 290ml
Price: RM49.90
"I use this toner with a cotton pad as I want to go for double cleansing. The hidden dirt and dust will be cleaned off. Don't forget the neck too!" 

3. White Formula Super Moist Lotion with Hyaluronic Acid 
Size: 200ml
Price: RM49.90
"This is a slightly heavy lotion. I personally would not use this during day time as I have oily face. So I switch this in to my night routine, especially if I spend my night in air-conditioned room. But it is  great for those with dry skin!"

4. White Formula Super Moist Gel with Hyaluronic Acid
Size: 50g
Price: RM61.90
"Light weight and quick absorption is what I would use to describe this fella. I could use it during the day time and apply my sunblock over it, it still feels light weight, no oily face throughout the day too"

 5. White Formula Extreme Hyaluronic Acid Essence 
Size: 40ml 
Price: RM62.90
"This essence is small but one pump is already sufficient for the whole face. You can see how liquidy it is, so I literally don't feel anything except the bouncy and rejuvenating feeling after using it."

So that's all for my take on this range of product. I hope it helps you a little when you come across in purchasing the range or is trying to switch up your current one. Overall, I do love the boing boing youthful feeling after using them! 
By the way, I'm not going to lie I was more willing to do this review because Fan Fan is the ambassador too! *fangirling much*

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