What's in my Workout/Gym bag? [GIVEAWAY]


Kainda generously sent me not one, but two products to try! So I'm giving one away to you! So here's a little twist to the typical "review" type of post. I want to make it more fun and personal! 

Since I've been taking up dance as my full-time job, I carry around a gym bag with me everywhere I go. Here's a little sneak peek into some useful stuff I bring around with me. 

What's in my gym bag?
Top // Shorts // Sports Bra // Towel // Watsons Wet Tissue // Kleenex Tissue // Innisfree Shower Gel // Innisfree Apple Juicy Deep Cleansing Foam // Bioderma Sensibio Dermatological Water // Playboy "Play It Sexy" Parfum Deodorant // Alcon Pure Moist Saline Solution // Tangle Teezer Brush 

What I found most useful was my Playboy deodorant! Thanks Chai Leng! It's been super helpful especially after those sweaty sessions. My Bioderma Dermatological Water was also an essential, because my face definitely need some boost of hydration. And that Kainda shoe spray? Man, this little guy change the game.

Now, imagine having a whole day of sweaty trainings and dance lessons: sweaty feet (EW). Not even kidding. I keep my shoes and sneakers in my car, ok you can stop imagining now. I didn't know how this shoe spray could be useful to me at first, but after spraying some in my shoes, I don't really need to worry much about what would happen after that :P It's all these small little details that matters ok. I especially love the Apple, Pear and Mint scent! Bye smelly shoes. 

So here's the deal: 
1. Hashtag #kainda #minniechangcom on a Instagram photo of your gym bag essentials (it can be anything: water bottle, makeup products etc!)
2. That's it! 

I'll pick one of you and you'll get it for free! 
(this giveaway is only available in Malaysia)

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