Hey y'all. How are you? I'm here today with a few updates that many of you might have had a glimpse on my previous trip up to Ipoh and Penang. I'll just do a official one here. 

I am currently doing full-time dancing. WAW. WHAT? Yep. I'll be based in Ipoh, but of course I will be back in KL every once in a while since my family is still here. 

Okay, why? 

I got a call from a studio and they invited me to work with them. It was the most difficult decision, so far. I talked to my friends and my sifu, and after all, the only thing holding me back was, myself. Same, I have the impression of not earning enough as a full-time dancer. But here's the scary part: why am I letting money be the only thing holding me back to chasing my passion? 

So, I took the leap. 

I can't tell you exactly how I feel about it. But so far, after 3 days there, I feel motivated. I feel inspired. 

In another 2 days, I'm heading off for another adventure to Chiang Mai! Excited! Thus I'm currently packing and unpacking and packing again. But I like the hustle. I love moving around and not be stagnant to a particular environment. 

There's so much for me to be grateful for. I hope you're doing well too at your end. :) 

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