White Kicks


I was dying, dying to get myself a pair of white kicks. Then, I came across this one from a shoe fair in IOI Mall. The moment I tried them on, I knew I must have them (thanks Joel!). It was so bloody soft! On that very night, I put these comfy shoes on, and paired it with a semi-dressed up outfit. My clutch was also brand new from a local Chiang Mai brand called Vavoom

Anyways, featuring my sister in this episode because, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY (in advance) to the most annoying sister. Our conversation always involve digging each others' embarrassing past, which I totally hate.

Outfit Details: 
Bomber Jacket - wildream.co // Dress - F Block // Clutch - Vavoom // White Kicks - Asics

What's in my Workout/Gym bag? [GIVEAWAY]


Kainda generously sent me not one, but two products to try! So I'm giving one away to you! So here's a little twist to the typical "review" type of post. I want to make it more fun and personal! 

Since I've been taking up dance as my full-time job, I carry around a gym bag with me everywhere I go. Here's a little sneak peek into some useful stuff I bring around with me. 

What's in my gym bag?
Top // Shorts // Sports Bra // Towel // Watsons Wet Tissue // Kleenex Tissue // Innisfree Shower Gel // Innisfree Apple Juicy Deep Cleansing Foam // Bioderma Sensibio Dermatological Water // Playboy "Play It Sexy" Parfum Deodorant // Alcon Pure Moist Saline Solution // Tangle Teezer Brush 

What I found most useful was my Playboy deodorant! Thanks Chai Leng! It's been super helpful especially after those sweaty sessions. My Bioderma Dermatological Water was also an essential, because my face definitely need some boost of hydration. And that Kainda shoe spray? Man, this little guy change the game.

Now, imagine having a whole day of sweaty trainings and dance lessons: sweaty feet (EW). Not even kidding. I keep my shoes and sneakers in my car, ok you can stop imagining now. I didn't know how this shoe spray could be useful to me at first, but after spraying some in my shoes, I don't really need to worry much about what would happen after that :P It's all these small little details that matters ok. I especially love the Apple, Pear and Mint scent! Bye smelly shoes. 

So here's the deal: 
1. Hashtag #kainda #minniechangcom on a Instagram photo of your gym bag essentials (it can be anything: water bottle, makeup products etc!)
2. That's it! 

I'll pick one of you and you'll get it for free! 
(this giveaway is only available in Malaysia)

Kainda's Information: 

Kayra (Kerala Cuisine)


Om Noms Friday is back! This time I'm bringing you to Kayra. As an indian cuisine fan (or, banana leaf rice fanatic), I said yes when I was invited to try out the food there. As you can see from the pictures above, there's no banana leaves involved. haha! I got to know some interesting facts from them that banana leaves are usually used on special occasions back then. 

We loved the food! We got so hyped up that we keep telling each other who to bring along next time. The chicken was so tender even after they fried them! I especially loved the Spicy Kerala Chicken Wrap because of the raita (yogurt sauce). I especially want to give a shout out to the dahl, which is not your typical dahl as they are the spinach dahl. Yums! 

Oh, and did I mention the staff was attentive and friendly? The atmosphere also give a sleek yet warm feel to it. Anyone keen on having some kerala cuisine? Tag me along please!

NOTE: All the price listed for thali are set price that comes with the Vegetarian Thali Set. 

Vegetarian Thali Set: 
Avial - Kerala mixed vegetables cooked in coconut milk 
Sambar - (or "kerala dahl") Gravy/Dahl cooked with different aromatic spices
Thoran - "Vege of the day". Changes from day to day but I got cabbages that day. 
Pachidi - Mixed beet root, yoghurt and mustard 
Erissery - Pumpkin with black lenthil 
Dahl - Spinach Dahl 
Yoghurt - Homemade yoghurt to help tone down the spiciness. 
Payasam - Dessert cooked with brown sugar, coconut milk and shredded coconut.

46, Tun Mohd Fuad 1, Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI)



Happy Birthday Althea!
I can't believe it is only their first year of birthday celebration because I've heard so many good things about them already. From affordable prices, great sales, and quality assured products, I think they deserve a great shoutout for the amazing work. 

But they definitely did not forget about they customers. They have now more promotions, deals and giveaways to give thanks to all of us! WOOTS. 
I've ordered a couple of stuff and eagerly waiting for them to be delivered. The interface is so user-friendly, and there's no hassle in ordering too!
(psst... it means there's a review/haul coming up!)

Go find #altheaturns1 to see the pink celebration hyping up around the internet! It's getting viral!

Althea's Details: 

Purple Hair


Hey hey hey! Let's talk about my hair situation right now. Although after 2 weeks or so, the color faded off, it is still in a nice shade of purple. As you can see from the pictures above, I had my hair dyed in two tones (results of my previous hair color, read here). So the bottom layer has a brighter tone of purple. It is a mixture of brownish purple. Normal, but not too normal :P. 
I also had my bottom layer of hair shaved because, well, I have too much hair to spare (it's heavy and takes long time to dry ok). I've had the shaved hair for over a year now, and I'm loving it. 

Hair done by:- 
Color - Vicky // Haircut - Shan 
27a, Jalan Helang 13, Bandar Puchong Jaya

Outfit Details: 
Top - VS Outlet // Pants - H&M // Bag - Polo

(Photos: KekJin) 



Hey y'all. How are you? I'm here today with a few updates that many of you might have had a glimpse on my previous trip up to Ipoh and Penang. I'll just do a official one here. 

I am currently doing full-time dancing. WAW. WHAT? Yep. I'll be based in Ipoh, but of course I will be back in KL every once in a while since my family is still here. 

Okay, why? 

I got a call from a studio and they invited me to work with them. It was the most difficult decision, so far. I talked to my friends and my sifu, and after all, the only thing holding me back was, myself. Same, I have the impression of not earning enough as a full-time dancer. But here's the scary part: why am I letting money be the only thing holding me back to chasing my passion? 

So, I took the leap. 

I can't tell you exactly how I feel about it. But so far, after 3 days there, I feel motivated. I feel inspired. 

In another 2 days, I'm heading off for another adventure to Chiang Mai! Excited! Thus I'm currently packing and unpacking and packing again. But I like the hustle. I love moving around and not be stagnant to a particular environment. 

There's so much for me to be grateful for. I hope you're doing well too at your end. :) 

M136 Coffee House


I got invited by FoodInk to go for a review at M136 Coffee House in Cheras. I didn't expect much on the first glance of the exterior of the place. But man, when the food is served, I was surprised. The quality of the food went beyond my expectation. Even my picky brother says it was good too! My favorite would definitely be the dessert - Durian Cheese Cake and Durian Creme Brulee. Yep, you heard me right. Both of us loved the Creamy Smoked Salmone Pasta as it is not too heavy but the cream has the slight aroma of the salmon. DAYUM. But then, all of the food were amazing, I have nothing to complain about.

Although the parking situation wasn't pleasant, I would come back for their food all because of how attentive the chef gave to each customer's feedback and the quality of the food. Double the thumbs up please!

Thank you Food Ink and M136 Coffee House for this opportunity! 

M136 Information: 
136-G Jalan Jejaka, Taman Maluri, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Mon – Fri 9.00am – 9.00pm ; Sat – Sun 10.00am – 10.00pm

Outfit Details: 

Denim on White


White and Denim might just be my favorite combination. You really just can't go wrong. They are classics. This time, I paired it with a white cap that I'm obsessed with. Also, the pleated flowy romper and the heels gave a little feminine vibe to the whole outfit.

Outfit details: 
Denim Jacket - Asia Avenue // Romper - no11 // Heels - Something Borrowed // Cap - hisundaymornings // Backpack - Benedetti Polo Creation

SetiaWalk Puchong 

(Photography by Wayne)

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