Shower Time with Simbae


Happy Sunday again! I had a really busy day so far but not forgetting, it's Sunday Vibes post! yay. Sundays are the time where I can finally bath my two fur babies, which I just did. My back is aching from the constant bending position since I have two huge ones. oh, I just realize I haven't blogged about them before. So, here I proudly introduce you the two mischievous being in our family: Belly & MongMong. 


Simbae kindly send two of their products for me to show some love to these naughty girls. They are a brand that offers a range of pet care products. I'm a fan of the scent (even Belly tried to lick them) and was stoked about the spray bottled leave-on conditioner! You see, pets get more pampered than us nowadays. But it's alright, they provided us unconditional love and laughter, which cannot be exchanged with any of the love we give them :) So, it's very important to first study the ingredients in the products before I use them on my pets. Thus, I am particularly impressed by Simbae who'd listed and explained the ingredients on their website, which are all safe for our fur babies. Share me your pet stories down in the comment! (or tweet me @minniechangg)

Catch more of Belly & MongMong crazy moments after they shower on my SnapChat (@minniechang). 

Products used: 

Photographed by Wayne

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