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Hey! This is a rather late post for my Sunday Vibes post. It has been a all-over-the-place kind of week. I have a lot to settle before heading off for my new adventure, which I am absolutely excited for. 

Anyways. Today's Sunday Vibe is all about this new movie released called "Me Before You", which I just watched. When I first saw the trailer, I knew I'm going to watch it no matter what. I came across a few posts on Facebook commenting/reviewing the movie, such as this one in chinese that got heated up, which I personally disagree on it. You really don't need to be rich in order to be romantic. TQVM. (eg: the bumblebee tights wasn't that expensive ok)

Of course, the romantic bit of the movie was great, but the bit that touches my heart was the conversation between Lou and her dad, the sister-love between Lou and Katrina, and the courageous spirit of Lou. The last bit of the movie also brought up some heated discussion which I wouldn't comment much here (it'll be too much of a spoiler), but I do not reject the idea of it. 

Well, I would definitely want to watch it again. I would also want to read the book :) 

"You can't change who people are, you love them."

I'll be tweeting a lot about this movie, so connect with me there! @minniechangg

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