Happy Father's Day


I've been watching Return of the Superman recently so, I really think being a parent is the hardest job ever. I will not say my parents are the best, but I would say they did their best for the three of us.

I did a little song dedication to my dad (here, if you are interested). It's been too long since I last sang (not including those chaotic karaoke singing). I am still slightly embarrassed of the video I posted, omg lemme dig my head into the ground like the ostrich please. But I still want my dad to feel appreciated and loved nevertheless. I've never expressed my gratitude to him in social media before, so I just want to make this effort to make him the spotlight. 

If you've visited my family, you'll know my mom is always the friendly one, and my dad, you'll need a few more attempts or effort to befriend him. haha! 

Anyways. I dedicated "One Call Away" by Charlie Puth because I have a memory that resurfaces every time I hear the song. Can't avoid that since Malaysia radio station has been abusing it. 
Two years back I got into a car accident, half of the car bonnet was damaged. I freaked out, I was in the middle of the highway. I called my parents, with shaky voice, and at the other end, I hear my dad saying: Just stay there, we're coming. I then called my *ahem* ex-bf, and he replied: Do you want me to come?  

(maybe it's just me that I have yet to meet someone that love me that much la but whatever)

THE POINT IS. My parents are really just one call away. I just cannot imagine the day when they are no longer one call away. So no matter how embarrassing the video is, I have to thick face just do it because I don't want to regret not doing so. Every time I hear the song, I feel as if that's what my egoistic dad would want to tell me. (but he wouldn't because he Asian like that)

Long windy Sunday Vibes post will end here, I promise the next one will be more laid-back and easy to read haha. 
Happy Father's Day to all daddy!

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