Maxi Slits


Maxi dresses/skirts are great. Put it on and people will think you've put in effort on your ootd, when in fact, it's not. I came across this Maxi in t-shirt material (basically cotton) during Summer Affair bazaar the other day, and I bought it instantly. It looks casual with an added hint of sexiness from the slits. I paired it with a pair of basic heels because I'm short :P Topped it off with a studded sling bag to keep it casual yet edgy, we're good to go for the comfy chic look. 

Outfit Details: 
Maxi Dress - Vita (Sunday Affair Bazaar) // Sling Bag - Online // Heels - Something Borrowed

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(Picture Credit: Cloey Khoo)

Happy Father's Day


I've been watching Return of the Superman recently so, I really think being a parent is the hardest job ever. I will not say my parents are the best, but I would say they did their best for the three of us.

I did a little song dedication to my dad (here, if you are interested). It's been too long since I last sang (not including those chaotic karaoke singing). I am still slightly embarrassed of the video I posted, omg lemme dig my head into the ground like the ostrich please. But I still want my dad to feel appreciated and loved nevertheless. I've never expressed my gratitude to him in social media before, so I just want to make this effort to make him the spotlight. 

If you've visited my family, you'll know my mom is always the friendly one, and my dad, you'll need a few more attempts or effort to befriend him. haha! 

Anyways. I dedicated "One Call Away" by Charlie Puth because I have a memory that resurfaces every time I hear the song. Can't avoid that since Malaysia radio station has been abusing it. 
Two years back I got into a car accident, half of the car bonnet was damaged. I freaked out, I was in the middle of the highway. I called my parents, with shaky voice, and at the other end, I hear my dad saying: Just stay there, we're coming. I then called my *ahem* ex-bf, and he replied: Do you want me to come?  

(maybe it's just me that I have yet to meet someone that love me that much la but whatever)

THE POINT IS. My parents are really just one call away. I just cannot imagine the day when they are no longer one call away. So no matter how embarrassing the video is, I have to thick face just do it because I don't want to regret not doing so. Every time I hear the song, I feel as if that's what my egoistic dad would want to tell me. (but he wouldn't because he Asian like that)

Long windy Sunday Vibes post will end here, I promise the next one will be more laid-back and easy to read haha. 
Happy Father's Day to all daddy!

Deep Layer Moisture Treatment System (Pro Hairdressing Team)


If you remember my previous hair update, I've dyed my hair in two tones and gone the lightest I've ever been. Of course, the downside of colored hair is that it will get pretty frizzy and dry (let me know if you are up for a hair care routine!). So when the Pro Hairdressing Team contacted me for a hair treatment review, I'm totally down for it. 

The hairstylist that helped me out was Men. Absolutely friendly and helpful, we had a great time chit chatting. This is my second week after the treatment, yet I am impressed that my hair is feeling a lot stronger, while remaining the bouncy texture. 

I know there's many different types of treatments out there, but this stood out because it aims for quick yet visible results. Men explained each process to me in detail which was very helpful. A lot of times we don't even know what's going on during the treatment or how it works. haha! To put it simply: they put in good stuff that ripped off during the previous chemical hair damage, and then coat it off to seal all those hard work in. 
(yes, that's an explanation from a very typical customer here *raisehands*)

Be sure to make an appointment with them if you're interested!

Deep Layer Moisture Treatment System from Japan 
(Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine Treatment)
58G, Jalan USJ 10/1B, 47620 UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor
(same row as Maybank, opposite Starbuck & Coffee Bean)

Casual Edge


When I'm in a rush or running errands, I always opt for monochrome base and top it off with an outerwear. I am obsessed with outerwears! Especially those edgy pieces. I got this piece a few years back from Kitschen when it was on sales and it has been a versatile piece in my collection. As seen in "Let's Hang Out" Lookbook)

Let me know what lookbook you'd like to see next! Work Lookbook? Earthy Tones Lookbook? 

Outfit details:
Outerwear - Kitschen // Top - Infinieblisswyn // Shorts - Factorie // Boots - Lazada 

(Photos taken by Chai Leng)

VN Banh Mi Cafe, Bandar Puteri


We were worn out and it was late. Both of us were craving for comfort food so badly that we decided to come visit this restaurant/cafe that my aunt, Shirley had been raving about. A bowl of hot pho was all I needed. 

Ever since my last trip to Ho Chih Min, I've been missing pho (especially Pho Quynh). I'm happy that Shirley recommended this place that's right behind Columbia Asia Hospital in Puchong. Man, the first sip of pho soup brings back vivid images of Saigon. It's of course not as good as the one we had in Saigon, but it's the closest we could find in Malaysia, so far (except the one that my mom made :P)

Next time, I'm trying their baguette. 

Food mentioned (According to sequence): 
Hot E Mu Guon It Da - Vietnamese Dessert Tea, which wasn't sweet at all. But I love the chewy ingredient in it. 
Sam Bu Luong - Somewhat tasted like the Chinese "Sam Bou Liong". Sweet. 
Cha Gio Chien - Fried Spring Rolls. Nothing special but wasn't too bad. 
Com Tam - Pork fillet with rice. Two pieces of pork fillet, I don't need to say much. Yummy! 
Pho Bo - "Kuey Teow" with soup. Squeeze some lime in it to add more flavor! Love it. 

Address - 21, Jalan Puteri 7/9, Bandar Puteri Puchong
03 - 80600127
Opening Hours - Monday to Sunday (10.30am till 10pm)

Me Before You


Hey! This is a rather late post for my Sunday Vibes post. It has been a all-over-the-place kind of week. I have a lot to settle before heading off for my new adventure, which I am absolutely excited for. 

Anyways. Today's Sunday Vibe is all about this new movie released called "Me Before You", which I just watched. When I first saw the trailer, I knew I'm going to watch it no matter what. I came across a few posts on Facebook commenting/reviewing the movie, such as this one in chinese that got heated up, which I personally disagree on it. You really don't need to be rich in order to be romantic. TQVM. (eg: the bumblebee tights wasn't that expensive ok)

Of course, the romantic bit of the movie was great, but the bit that touches my heart was the conversation between Lou and her dad, the sister-love between Lou and Katrina, and the courageous spirit of Lou. The last bit of the movie also brought up some heated discussion which I wouldn't comment much here (it'll be too much of a spoiler), but I do not reject the idea of it. 

Well, I would definitely want to watch it again. I would also want to read the book :) 

"You can't change who people are, you love them."

I'll be tweeting a lot about this movie, so connect with me there! @minniechangg

Beige Trench Coat


I was supposed to blog about Fashion every Wednesday, which was yesterday, but I was caught up with a lot of events yesterday. My uncle is in Malaysia now! The whole family always get excited. So, sorry about the delay but I'm not skipping the posts :) 

I've been very much into earthy tones lately, and have been eyeing on trench coat. So happy I came across this one from SallyFashion. It's light weight so it doesn't suffocate me under the scorching hot weather. 

Paired it up with simple monochrome base to highlight the coat. It gives a laid-back yet sophisticated look. If you've been following my Instagram, you'll know that this outfit was also featured on Mina Magazine June Issue! I'm so stoked about it! 

Coat - SallyFashion // Top - Cotton On // Leather Skirt - H&M // Boots - Lazada // Tote - Bangkok 

Stages of Life


Good morning. Before my work starts, I just want to pop in to blog a little. 

Within the past month, I kept coming across people of my age getting engaged. In another month's time, I will be attending my colleague's wedding. I am stoked, and I am happy for them too. 

However, this morning, I received a message from my mom that her friend, that've been suffering from cancer, passed last night. It suddenly occur to me that: while I am moving to a stage where my friends are getting engaged, my parents are moving to a stage where their friends are passing, which the latter stage would be much difficult. 

I know these are life stages. It only gets harder, and we are still learning, still growing. 

How I got rid of Monday Blues (Puli Pola)


Good Monday! hah, more like Why Mondays? Not anymore for me. I just came back from work, yet I feel surprisingly happy, relaxed and motivated! Here's what I just did: played with my dogs, gave myself a pampered shower and made myself a cup of tea. That's it. That's enough to make my grumpy Monday gone! 

I initially wanted to slump my tired body on the bed and just snooze off, but I saw my PuliPola products lying on my desk, so I just went ahead and took a shower. It was amazing how much a good shower can change my spirit!

They kindly gave me a few products to try on, and let me tell you, I'm in love with them! Osmanthus Yurong Kampo Handmade Soap felt so smooth and moisturizing on my skin. I felt extremely pampered by using the Epsom & Pink Salt Scrub. The salt is super fine so it doesn't dry out your skin (it's so soft right now). Oh, the scent, mhmm. 

When I first arrived at the counter with the sight of bath bombs collection, my inner self went a little crazy (though I remained calm, with difficulty, on the outside). Bath bombs! I know a lot of us don't have the luxury to have bath tub at home, but, I got a mini size Peppermint Bath Bomb which will be perfect for my upcoming trip! 
[Bath bombs are hard-packed mixture of dry ingredients which effervesces when wet. They are used to add essential oils, scent and colour to bathwater. They are a form of bath fizzies] - Wikipedia.

Ever felt frustrated when you don't have a clue what to gift someone? I usually go for body products because it's practical (did I mention these are suitable for face use as well? It also uses natural ingredients. Bonus!). How about you?

Puli Pola Products:

Puli Pola: 
Outlet - One Utama (Aeon)
03-91319232 / 03- 9131 9603

Featured Items:
Current Read - The Private Papers of Eastern Jewel by Maureen Lindley


Shower Time with Simbae


Happy Sunday again! I had a really busy day so far but not forgetting, it's Sunday Vibes post! yay. Sundays are the time where I can finally bath my two fur babies, which I just did. My back is aching from the constant bending position since I have two huge ones. oh, I just realize I haven't blogged about them before. So, here I proudly introduce you the two mischievous being in our family: Belly & MongMong. 


Simbae kindly send two of their products for me to show some love to these naughty girls. They are a brand that offers a range of pet care products. I'm a fan of the scent (even Belly tried to lick them) and was stoked about the spray bottled leave-on conditioner! You see, pets get more pampered than us nowadays. But it's alright, they provided us unconditional love and laughter, which cannot be exchanged with any of the love we give them :) So, it's very important to first study the ingredients in the products before I use them on my pets. Thus, I am particularly impressed by Simbae who'd listed and explained the ingredients on their website, which are all safe for our fur babies. Share me your pet stories down in the comment! (or tweet me @minniechangg)

Catch more of Belly & MongMong crazy moments after they shower on my SnapChat (@minniechang). 

Products used: 

Photographed by Wayne

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