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Hi everyone! I've been editing a lot and drafting a few posts since my blog was in the midst orfrevamping. It has a new look to it now but there's still a few changes that'll be made until we get the desired design, However, let's wait no more. 

Throwing back to Mother's Day. My mom wanted a coffee night out, so we brought her to explore Where Else Cafe in Puchong. It's my second time and I love the atmosphere so far! 

We enjoyed every bit of time we spent together. Unfortunately, my dad was (still is) sick so he couldn't join us. But no worries, we're doing this more often ;)

Tiramisu Mile Crepe // Frappuccino Cheese Cake 
Matcha Latte // Sig Berry Chocolate // Hazelnut Latte // Chamomile

Top & Cap - Room11.co // Shorts - OTTO Thrift // Sandals - Charles & Keith

No 27G, Jalan Kenari 19A, Puchong, Puchong New Village 


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