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The thing I regretted within the first two days is that I didn't choose to stay in Ubud. It is such a happening place where there's a lot of unique boutiques and stalls. Plus, they have lots of museums and cheap local cuisine too! On the other hand, Seminyak/Kuta was just a very commercialise place with lots of expensive food. ugh. I guess we'll have to visit Bali very soon again ;) 

On our second day (if you've watched our vlog here), we rented a bike, headed off from Seminyak to Ubud. On our way, we came across the amazing paddy field (which was way prettier than Sekinchan's. Watch the vlog here). We love the architecture along Ubud streets. Though the roads are busy and complicated, we manage to wander and explore every little alley. Oh, Warung Nuri's (Naughty Nuri branches are available in Malaysia too!), their ribs, mhmmmm! Ribs + Rice (still being very Cina), pair it up with Bintang beer, we call that a scrumptious meal.

Places visited: 
Ubud Streets // Ubud Market // Warung Nuri's

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