Sunday Vibes | Hymn for the Weekend


Sundays oh Sundays. I really love Sundays. Partly due to the overwhelming work on weekdays, partly also, I love how people around me are less cranky on Sunday mornings. Haha. 

Thus, I'm starting a few series on my blog starting from June. The first one, of course, Sunday Vibes. I'll be talking about what I do on Sundays. And today, I'll share you a song I've been obsessed about. 

Hymn for the Weekend by Coldplay (ft Beyonce)

Especially after a doubtful Saturday, I'm in need of a uplifting song. This was perfect. It's playing on loop right now. Plus, Coldplay featuring Beyonce, c'mon. (read more about the song here)

Let me know what are you doing over the weekend. ;) 



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